Day 23 - Early to Rise

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.... yeah, that has never really been me. I am a night owl and a hard to wake up, grumpy, annoyed by my overly cheerful husband and kids in the morning kind of girl. This past week I have been waking up around 6:30 -7:00 am without wanting to or trying to and feeling completely rested---what's up with that?

I remember a few years ago I went to a class a mentor/friend of mine was teaching about leadership education and she was telling us what her daily schedule was like. I jokingly asked her after she listed this insane schedule, "when do you sleep?" and she told me "well I eat really healthily so I don't need more than 6-7 hours". I remember thinking, --yeah right, like that really matters that much! ...she's not sounding so crazy to me now!

Day 23 - Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Woke up at 6:00 am!
8:00 am - Walked somewhat sorely - 2 miles. Drank 16 oz. of water.
9:30 am - Drank FIXX with 20 oz. of water and ate a cheese stick
11:30 am - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
12:30 pm - Lunch- Ate spinach pasta salad with a Fresca
3:00 pm - Snack- handful of Baked Cheetos
5:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
6:15 pm - Dinner - ate applesauce pancakes with cinnamon-nutmeg & a fried egg. (My 11 year old and her creative pancakes!)
10:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water

Daily HIGH- I woke up before my kids!

Day 22 - And yet another day at the lake.

Yes, we are at the lake yet again. I tell you it is one of my family's favorite things to do. I had a 6 times to the buoy goal today and ....I beat it by 2! That's right-- 8 times to the buoy and I even took time to visit. A friend of mine that came with me swam without a noodle all the way out there and I thought to myself...I'd drown! I did swim once there just pushing the noodle out in front of me, basically as a fall back if I got too tired and it was twice as hard as the way I usually do it! Maybe someday I will be in shape enough to try it completely without a noodle but I don't think this is the year!

Day 22 - Monday, July 28, 2008

8:00 am - Drank a FIXX with 20 oz. of water
Drank another 24 oz. water bottle between breakfast and lunch
11:30 am - Took a FORM with 8 oz. of water
12:00 pm - Lunch- ate 3 chips of 7 layer dip, cut veggies with ranch and a small scoop of macaroni salad with Sun chips washed down with water.
3:00 pm - Snack - more cut veggies & ranch (I must have a serious ranch addiction-- I swear I type that word more than once a day!)
Drank another 24 oz. water bottle over a few hours
6:00 pm - Took FORM
6:20 pm - Dinner- ate 6 chips with 7 layer dip and another small scoop of macaroni salad. Drank 12 oz. of pomegranate/blueberry juice.
8:00 pm - Ate 3 Swedish Fish
9:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water

Daily HIGH - Being active with my kids! They are really loving their new more active mom and are my biggest, most loyal cheering squad!

Day 21 - 4.5 inches total

My husband and I took our body measurements on day 7. Don't be scared, I'm not going to give you all the gory details but I am going to give you an update. Over the last 2 weeks I have lost a total of 4.5 inches! Most of it from my waist and hips. I think I have bared all pretty well so far but think I will retain what dignity I have left and spare you all the exact numbers. You will all just have to watch and see my transFORMation in the pictures I post periodically.

Day 21 - Sunday, July 27, 2008

10:00 am - No kids still-- ate leftover cold Chinese food and drank the last 1/2 of my Jamba Juice.
12:30 pm - Drank FIXX with 20 oz. of water
3:00 pm - Ate 2 small chocolate bran muffins my sister made. It is another one of her Weight Watcher recipes that only count as 1 point on her diet plan. They were really good.
5:45 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
6:00 pm - Ate a salad of baby greens, ham chunks, parmesan, onions, sunflower seeds & ranch, a 2 inch piece of a sourdough baguette and drank 8 oz. of Crystal light lemonade.
10:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
Drank a 16 oz. water bottle between before midnight.

Daily HIGH - Seeing my kids! It is always nice to have a break but I sure love when they run at you with welcome back hugs and kisses!

Day 20- 13 pounds down and I have to wear a belt!

Yes, it is true... I am 13 pounds down and I now have to wear a belt with all my summer pants! I think I have finally lost all the initial water weight and will now be slowing down to the healthy 1-3 pounds a week weight loss. If I lose 2 pounds a week, I will be 50 pounds lighter by Christmas! How insane does that sound?!-- and I really think I can do it!

This stage will be fun because I think this is where I will really start to SEE a difference as I lose. Up to this point I have observed changes in how I feel and I see the scale tell me there is a difference but when I look in the mirror I am still fat. My family has told me that they can see a difference, in my face especially. I guess I don't look as "puffy" as I used to. I apparently have resembled the Stay Puft marshmallow man up until now but didn't realize how much... it's okay though-- that part of me is all going to be in the past!

Day 20 - Saturday, July 26, 2008

9:00 am - Took a family walk to try and work off the Cheesecake Factory last night. Walked 2 miles with 2 pound weights. Drank 24 oz of water
10:30 am - Drank a FIXX with 20 oz. of water
12:30 pm - My husband and I dropped our kids off with cousins and left for a 24 hour date. We went to a movie and ate EAS protein bars and drank 16 oz. of water for our movie treats (and walked up the stairs side of the theater entrance 3 times).
4:00 pm - Took FORM with 12 oz. of water
4:20 pm - Ate a Caesar salad with grilled lime shrimp at Chili's (which I usually order with an appetizer and eat with 2-3 refills of diet Coke). It was so yummy and I was totally satisfied. We walked from the theater to the restaurant and to a few stores and back which is totally out of character for us. Everywhere we went is contained in about a 4 block area but we would normally drive between these places-- I know, it sounds sad and pathetic when I think about it.
7:30 pm - We decided to grab something for dinner as we headed home even though we weren't hungry yet. I was worried that if we didn't eat something now we would want something in a couple of hours which would be too late and I didn't feel like we had really eaten enough today. We bought All Fruit Jamba Juices (not the ones with frozen yogert or anything). I drank about 1/2 of mine (11 oz.).
8:00 pm - Ate Chinese take-out when we got home. We shared an entree of Pon Pon chicken but only ate 1/2 and I ate a spring roll. Drank 16 oz. of water.

Daily HIGH - How great if felt to be active and energetic on our date instead of uncomfortably full and sluggish... oh and the 2 pounds.

Day 19 - Heather Hansen's Story

Heather Hansen- star of The Biggest Loser, Me - star of my blog, and Ron Williams - Founder and CEO of Forever Green and O3 World.

Today I attended the first official MyO3World Opportunity meeting in my area and heard Heather Hansen (star of the Biggest Loser TV show) speak about her experience on the show and after. She said that while she was on the show they worked out for 8 hours a day! She was one of the 4 finalist that was sent home for 5 months to come back for a final weigh in at the finale...she came back 5 months pregnant. Needless to say she didn't win due to her unexpected pregnancy but she has a beautiful little girl instead. She said that after she had her baby it was really hard to lose the baby weight like she had when she was on the show. Now that she was trying to live a normal life as a mother of 2, a wife, a business woman and while managing a home, 8 hours a day of exercise just wasn't feasible- hmm, I wonder why? She said she was approached by tons of weight loss programs and food lines to be the spokesperson for their product and just hadn't gotten excited about any of them....until O3's FORM and FIXX! She has lost 28 pounds now using FORM and FIXX and feels like she has been given a miracle pill. She said something similar to what I said in a past post on this blog-- for her this feels like a miracle because it has given her back control! She knows how she should eat, she knows how to be healthier but FORM is giving her the self control to make the choices she knows she should.

This is the 2nd time I have met Heather and I am so glad she isn't a cheesy, all hype kind of spokesperson. She is just real and has had real problems and has a real testimonial that just hits home with me. Thanks Heather!

Day 19 - Friday, July 25, 2008

9:00 am - Walked 3 MILES!! I walked with a friend today that is in town for a couple of weeks and we just couldn't stop talking!
9:30 am - Drank a FIXX made with 20 oz. of water.
1030 am - Drank 24 oz. water bottle
11:45 am - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
12:45 am - Ate a Veggie wheat pita and drank 22 oz. of water
4:00 pm - Ate a banana
5:00 pm -Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
5:30 pm - Shared a Roasted Turkey Ranch and Bacon wrap from Arby's with my husband on our way to pick up our carload to take to the opportunity meeting.
9:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz of water...passed them out like a drug dealer to our car load of people.
10:00 pm - Went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory with everyone to talk more about O3. Ate 1/2 a small French Country Salad and 1 Avacado egg roll, 24 oz. of water and 1/4 of a slice of cheesecake. Yes we are eating terribly late at night but we all ate easily 1/2 of what we would normally! This is so awesome to see!

Daily HIGH-- oh, there are so many today... talking to everyone at O3 and telling them my good weight loss news -or- Going out to eat with my family and seeing the difference in what we ate-- so noticable! -or- Winning a whole bottle of FORM, a $100 gas card, and an O3 World banner for bringing the most people in one car load to the opportunity can I choose?

Day 17-18 ...Not just for fat people

My husband and I decided to make a silly video about O3 World FORM and FIXX to put on You Tube to spread the word to as many people as possible--- and as I was trying to write out what I wanted to say I thought -- this product is NOT just for fat people! If you think about it (and here is a direct quote from our upcoming video) "overeating and compulsive eating isn't a healthy habit for a person of any size or metabolism". My in-laws for instance-- my husband's family is naturally extremely thin. His mother after 8 kids might wear a size 4 pants and all of his siblings are about the same-- there might be a "fatty" that wears a size 6 but I am not about to pull the backs of their pants down to check!

Needless to say I am the family eye sore and if I had a bad self esteem I would really be in trouble--but I don't think everyone of them is any healthier than I am just because they are thin. I know that using FORM will help anyone become a more decisive eater whether they want to lose weight, maintain their weight or just make healthier food choices.

Day 17 -Wednesday, July 23, 2008

9:30 am - Drank FIXX blended with ice and a banana
12:30 pm - Took FORM
1:20 pm - Ate 2/3 of a veggie/cheese wrap, drank 16 oz of water
4:00 pm - Ate 1/2 chocolate protein bar and 3 sips of a Cherry Coke Zero (while filming our YouTube video spot)
5:15 pm - Ate dinner -my 11 year old volunteered to make dinner and decided to spice up the pancakes she was making by adding vanilla and chocolate chips to them (good thing she has her dad's family's metabolism even though she has her mom's taste buds). I ate 2 small chocolate chip pancakes and a fried egg, drank 10 oz. of Crystal Light lemonade.
9:00 pm - Took FORM and drank 24 oz of water before midnight

Daily HIGH-- Proud parent 11 year old is so adorable and grown up!

Day 18 - Thursday, July 24, 2008

8:30 am - 1 mile walk, drank 16 oz. water bottle
9:30 am - Drank FIXX with 20 oz of water
12:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz of water
1:30 pm - Ate tuna salad and drank 1/2 a can of Fresca. I waited too long after I took my FORM to eat and I think I ate more than I would have if I had eaten after just 30 minutes. This is one of those times when I think taking 2 pills would have been beneficial.
3:00 pm- Drank 16 oz. water bottle
6:00 pm - I had been working all afternoon and forgot about the time. I didn't plan dinner or take a FORM in anticipation of dinner so found myself starving at 6:00 with no plan. I ran out for pizza and ate a caesar salad and 3 pieces of italian cheese bread, drank the other 1/2 of my Fresca from lunch. I was still hungry!
7:30 pm - My kids decided to make chocolate chip cookies, ate 1 spoonful of dough, drank 16 oz. of water
I planned to take a FORM around 9:00 pm to avoid eating anything at night but went to a friends to watch a fireworks show and didn't get home until midnight.
12:00 am ate a chocolate chip cookie and went to bed hungry!

Daily HIGH- how miserable and hungry I was this afternoon and night when I didn't take FORM. Why is this my high? Because it just tells me that even without looking at my weight on the scale, I can tell that FORM really works!

Day 16- My Fit and Fab sisters...

Today I spent some time with a few of my sisters (I have 5) talking about O3 and the "world of opportunity" it has to offer. We have all struggled with weight and I am desperately trying to share my vision that O3 World's FORM could literally reSHAPE our lives! I am so pumped after using it for the past couple of weeks, I am like an obsessed crazy woman that can not talk about anything else!

One of my sisters that has adamantly refused to listen to any details at all finally relented and decided to humor me. I don't blame her. After being over weight for so long and having heard about every fad diet in the book it is really hard to believe that there is really something so revolutionary and unique that it isn't going to disappoint like all the rest or have some horrible 5 years down the road side affect that strikes you dead as you are driving down the road...possiblykilling hundreds... ---- okay that is a little dramatic but you know what I mean. But when I told her my experience and my 2 week weight loss total her jaw dropped! She told me that she hadn't lost that much in the almost 3 months that she has been on Weight Watchers...needless to say she is sold!

I just can't wait to see my whole family's FIT and FABulous selfs on the outside!

Day 16- Tuesday, July 22, 2008

8:30 am - Ate a JJ Bar and drank a FIXX made with 20 oz. of water
11:30 am - Took FORM with 10 oz. of water
12:15 pm - Ate a spinach, tomato, peas, onion, cheese, ranch, sunflower seed salad (I know it seems like I really don't branch out much in the food department but I am just not sick of these yet). 16 oz. of water
2:00 pm - Drank 8 oz. of water
4:30 pm - Ate a Cheese stick and 3 fresh strawberries
6:00 pm - Took FORM
6:30 pm - Went to dinner and a movie. Ate at RUMBI Island Grill-- ate 2/3 of a chicken, spinach salad and drank a 16 oz. Caffeine Free Diet Coke.
8:30 pm - Ate 3 frozen Jr. Mints & drank 16 oz. of water
**NOTE-- I took the stairs into the theater (you know if you take the door on the right you have to walk up about 50 stairs to enter the theater from the top or you can go left and walk up a ramp to the enter at the bottom of the room... well I took the stairs--TWICE!)
10:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water.

Daily High--- Seeing the light in my sisters' eyes when they finally caught the vision!

Day 15 - I have officially broken my diet record!

My skeptical yet hopeful self that started this journey 3 weeks ago set my first goal pretty low. I wanted to at least beat my previous dieting record of lasting 2 weeks and losing 8 pounds and today I have officially beaten it! I am at 2 weeks and 1 day and I have lost 11 pounds-- and I don't feel like stopping at all! (find a happy place while I happy dance...your not going to want to see this!)

Day 15- Monday, July 21, 2008

8:30 am - Walked a mile
9:00 am - Drank a FIXX

11:30 am - Took a FORM with 8 oz. of water
12:15 am - Ate a salad of mixed baby greens, cheese, onions, tomatos, sunflower seeds, & ranch. Drank 8 oz. of Crystal Light Lemonade

2:30 pm - Drank 20 oz. water bottle

4:00 pm - Ate 1/3 of my son's soft pretzel and drank a few sips of a Diet Coke

5:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
6:00 pm - Ate 1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich (as opposed to eating one and splitting a 2nd with my husband like normal) with a side salad. Drank 16 oz. of lemonade.

9:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
10:00 pm - Ate one spoonful of vanilla ice cream while making ice cream & fudge cupcakes for my kids to decorate tomorrow (a recipe my kids found and asked if we could make sometime).

Daily Recap---
I have decided that my objectives are pretty set in my head at this point and are starting to feel habitual which is great! The recap of them each day is beginning to feel redundant-- so I am going to only do a weekly recap of objectives to reflect on my week's progress.

Instead of my daily recap I think I will end with a daily high-- tell the high point of my day to help me stay up beat and positive. Hopefully this will be inspiring to anyone reading this and help us all out when we hit low points! So....

TODAY's HIGH... My mile walk -- it really gave me a burst of energy today and I felt really productive!

Day 14 - 2 week weight loss total....wait for it....11 POUNDS!!!

14 day weigh in this morning -- 245!! That is 11 pounds!! That is 3 pounds more than I have ever lost on a weight loss program and I am at my record for the number of days I have stuck to a diet plan faithfully... and I haven't lost one bit of momentum! I have resisted calling FORM a "miracle pill" because we have all heard that before... but I can't help it-- for me this feels like a miracle!

When I have lost pounds before I have always gained it all back plus some. I am not worried about that this time because FORM can be used for weight loss and weight management! I can use it to control my portions while loosing weight and to help me maintain a healthy lifestyle once I reach my goal! What other weight loss product offers that? I sound like a raving fan-- but I just can't contain my amazement and my excitement! After 14 years of battling weight I am going to be healthy and thin without having to completely give up everything good to eat!

Day 14 - Sunday, July 20, 2008

9:00 am - Drank a FIXX shake blended with mixed frozen fruit and ice

11:45 am - Took FORM w/ 8 oz. of water
12:15 pm - Ate 1 piece of German Pancake (about 3 inch square)

2:45 pm- Drank 12 oz. of water & ate a cheese stick

5:00 pm - Took FORM w/ 8 oz. of water
5:15 pm - Ate turkey, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion wrap. I ate about 2/3rds of it. My 11 year old made me a spinach, mixed fruit, Fresca smoothie-- I drank about 10 oz.

Smoothie Recipe (THIS IS SO GOOD!)--
  • 1 cup fresh spinach
  • 1 cup frozen fruit
  • 1 can Fresca -- Blend it together until smooth and enjoy
7:00 pm - Ate 2 JJ Bars (a sort of blonde brownie)

9:30 pm - Took FORM w/ 12 oz. of water

Daily Recap of Objectives:
YES- I was definitely a decisive eater-- I ate small portions
YES- I drank plenty of water
YES- I ate lots of fruit and veggies!
YES- I ate pretty regularly
YES- I resisted eating late at night
NO- I didn't get exercise today.. you know Sunday, the day of rest.

Day 13 - one day away from 2 weeks!

I can't believe it has been 13 days! I feel great again now that I am home and can choose what to eat!

Day 13 - Saturday, July 19, 2008

8:00 am - Took FORM w/ 8 oz. of water --my 9 year old's musical theater group walked in a parade this morning--- I didn't want to drink a FIXX with all that water and be stuck on the side of the parade route without a bathroom, so I opted for a EAS protein bar around 8:30.

--Drank 24 oz water during parade-- I guess I can't get away without drinking!

1:15 pm - Took FORM w/ 8 oz. of water
2:00 pm - Ate a salad with romaine, bow tie pasta, parmesan, cheddar, onion, sunflower seeds, ranch dressing, 4 cherries, and drank 8 oz. of water.

5:45 pm- Ate dinner, small portion of spaghetti (I would estimate about 1/3 of my normal portion), 4 meatballs and drank 8 oz. of Crystal Light lemonade.

---Went swimming with my family, swam 2 laps around playing kids and gave up. Resigned myself to granny kicks on the side of the pool with my sister. Threw some leg lifts in there for good measure!

8:30 pm - Shared a small chocolate chip shake with my husband. This may seem like I gave into a craving but before FORM, I would have ordered a regular or large shake myself and ate it all. This is a huge improvement for me and my ice cream addicted husband!

Daily Recap of Objectives:

YES- I was definitely a decisive eater-- I ate small portions
YES- I drank plenty of water and no soda at all
YES- I ate some veggies, not many fruit
YES- I ate pretty regularly
YES- I finally resisted eating late, late at night
YES- I did get some additional exercise each day

DAY 9-12 ...Girls Camp!

I just got back from 4 days in the mountains...with no showers. We did wash our hair in the water spout and tried to sponge off as often as possible but you can only sponge so much! I think I lost 2-3 pounds worth of dirt in my shower when I got home!

Over the last 4 days I had a lot of time to talk about FORM with some of the other adult leaders. A few of them are currently "dieting" with one program or another and are having some success-- which is really great. The thing I think is amazing and unique about this product is that you can use it no matter what eating, lifestyle or diet plan you are trying to follow. It doesn't matter if you are on Weight Watchers or just trying to eat more healthy, FORM can help give you that edge to stick to it and/or be more decisive with your eating choices. It isn't a diet plan-- you can customize your eating anyway you would like. Taking FORM has simply given me some additional self discipline and control. Before I had FORM it was discipline that always caused me to give up or say "I'll start again next Monday" after cheating 3 or 4 days into starting a diet. To be near the end of 2 weeks and to not feel like I am really dieting is unbelievable!

At Girls Camp, we had a camp director that planned all the meals. I had very little control over what was available to eat. I did have a few snack/drink options that I brought myself and I brought FIXX to drink in the mornings, so that was helpful. There was an insane amount of candy and goodies available, I just couldn't believe it! Between planned desserts, goodie bags from other campers and rewards from the Stake Camp, we were over run with junk! I have to say, overall I think I did pretty good. One night we made No Cook Fudge in a bag (butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar, cocoa, vanilla... squish it together in a bag ... so disgustingly yummy!) I ate one piece and had a total sugar rush that made me feel ill! I did not realize how addicted I was to sugar before! I would have easily eaten 2-3 pieces and not even been phased-- not now.

Day 9- Tuesday, July 15, 2008

7:00 am - Drank a FIXX with 20 oz. of water on the way to camp. Ate one mini lemon muffin.
10:30 am - Drank 12 oz. water
11:20 am - Took FORM
12:00 pm - Ate a salad I pre-made at home (tuna, onion, peas, cheese, romaine and ranch) drank 12 oz. water
1:00 pm - I had to drive a sick camper down the mountain. I was totally falling asleep driving back. Had to stop-- bought a 32 oz. Diet Coke w/Lime and a bag of Corn nuts to keep me awake. Drank about 1/4 of the Coke...didn't even open the Corn Chips.
5:00 pm - Took FORM w/ 8 oz. of water
6:00 pm - Ate dinner- Spaghetti & bite sized parmesan knots. I took one medium scoop of noodles instead of 2 like I would normally and ate 8 knots... which was about 4 too many. I was stuffed. Drank 12 oz. of water. They sang Happy Birthday to me and one of the campers and brought out cupcakes--- I ate one to not be rude-- I really appreciated the gesture but really don't like fluffy bakery frosting.
9:00 pm - I ate 5 more bite sized knots after passing up Swedish Fish, Hershey Miniatures, sweet & salty trail mix with M&Ms and Homemade Ice cream which were all offered during the evening activities.

Day 10 - Wednesday, July 16, 2008

7:30 am - Drank a FIXX with 20 oz. of water and ate 2 pieces of unrecognizably burnt bacon (youth campers cooked breakfast)
10:30 am - Drank a V8 Fusion juice -- the label says it is 1 serving of Fruit and 1 of Veggies so...
11:30 am - Took FORM w/ 8 oz of water.
12:00 pm - Ate a turkey, cheese sandwich and the last 3 parmesan knots (finally they are gone!)
1:00 pm - Felt hungry-- I think I am bored! Drank 8oz. of water and hungry subsided.
3:00 pm - Still felt snacky so I ate a protein bar and 10 oz. of caffeine free Diet Coke
5:30 pm- Took FORM w/ 8 oz. of water.
6:00 pm- Ate a chicken taco w/ tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, sour cream and salsa.
10:00 pm- Took a FORM to avoid eating the fudge... should have taken it sooner or taken 2 because I gave in and had a piece. As I said in the opening bit-- it made me sick-- the sugar rush felt weird. Drank 12 oz. of water.

Day 11- Thursday, July 17, 2008

8:00 am - It was freezing this morning! Forget the cold shake I'm eating a hot breakfast! Took a FORM
8:45 am - Drank 12 oz. Hot Chocolate, took 1 slice of ham and 1 scone w/ butter and apricot jam-- I couldn't eat it all -- I ate about 1/2 of both.
11:00 am - Drank the other 10 oz. of Caff. Free Diet Coke
12:00 pm- Took FORM with 8ish oz. of water
12:30 pm - Ate a scoop of left over chicken and cheese from the tacos last night with about 10 corn chips and water. I was totally full.
--- I really craved sugar today! I think the fudge really through me-- it seems harder to resist today!
2:30 pm - Ate 3-4 pieces each of watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew and red grapes.
--- I really feel sluggish today. I have no energy to do anything-- I think the lack of sleep, build-up of grim, post sugar high let down is all combining to sap my energy! Still craving sugar!
5:00 pm - Took FORM w/ 8 oz. of water
5:30 pm - Ate 2 slices of combination pizza with 8 oz. of water
8:00 pm - Drank a caffeine free Diet Coke
11:30 pm - Ate 1/2 piece of fudge and 10 corn chips with salsa-sour cream dip

**Not my best day by far ---but even though I made some bad food choices, my portions were still minimal so I don't think it will have a huge negative impact. We will see when I weigh on Sunday!

Day 12 - Friday, July 18, 2008

7:30 am - Ate a multi-grain bagel with plain cream cheese
**Going HOME!!!!
11:30 am - Drank a V8 Fusion and ate about 1/4 cup of corn nuts to stay awake driving.
1:45 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
2:15 pm - Drank a FIXX made with 20 oz. of water
6:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
6:20 pm - Went out to eat with my family for my daughters Birthday. At the Training Table I ate a grilled chicken salad with ranch dressing, 10 cheese fries, and drank 12 oz. of water. I was so full, I felt a little sick.
9:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
Drank rest of 24 oz water bottle between 10-12:00 pm

Recap of Objectives:
YES- For the most part, I was a decisive eater this week with a few minor sugar breaks
YES- I drank plenty of water but did drink some soda-- almost all caffeine free.
YES- I ate what fruit and vegetables were available, at least some every day.
YES- I ate pretty regularly
NO - I didn't resist eating late at night on 2 nights-- 50% is better than nothing!
NO- I did not get some additional exercise each day-- it was a sluggish week.


Hey all you out there who are inspired into a frenzy by my fabulously successful week and can't wait to get started yourself.... there is a new link on my blog that takes you directly to the sign up page of MyO3World! ..If you were referred to my blog by ...ME.... or came across my blog by accident then click on the link at the right that says TO BEGIN YOUR TRANSFORMATION Click here to sign up! enter your information there. If you were inFORMed about this site by one of my Fit and Fab Friends then you can find their names on the Fit and Fab Friends Directory. Just click on their name and you can sign up under them.

....and the best part about signing up is that it is FREE until the end of July!! By signing up you will be one of the first to be able to purchase FORM when it becomes available September 1st at wholesale prices! You can buy it for your own use or buy it for resale-- there is no minimum required purchase. Tell everyone you know-- the more the word spreads the more you benefit----- just think you could be losing weight, helping others and getting paid for it-- how can you beat that? This opportunity just keeps sounding better and better all the time!

Day 8- Monday, July14, 2008

8:30 am - Drank a FIXX with 20 oz. of water

10:30 am - Drank a water bottle 16 oz.

11:30 am -Took a FORM w/ 8 oz.
12:00 am - I was actually still pretty hungry when I started making my lunch. I cut a 2 inch piece of the left over sub sandwich and made a spinach salad with ham, cheese, onion, peas, sunflower seeds and ranch. I started by eating the salad and only got about 2 bits of the sandwich down before I felt stuffed-- I just threw the rest away (yes, mom I know that is wasteful but no starving person in the world will benefit from me eating it or not!)

4:00 pm - Ate a Pure Protein bar as a snack with 12 oz. of water

5:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz.
5:30 pm - Went out on a family date for family night with my husband and kids. I ate at Great Steak and Potato and had a 6 inch cheese steak sandwich. It came with fries but I could only eat 3 or 4 fries. I had a couple of sips of my husband's Diet Coke/Dr. Pepper mix to wash it all down. I really wanted to drink more but I was stuffed so it wasn't that hard to resist.

Didn't buy movie treats!

9:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
Drank 24 oz. water bottle

Daily Recap of Objectives:

YES- I was definitely a decisive eater
YES- I drank plenty of water.
YES- I ate lots of fruits and veggies
YES- I ate pretty regularly
YES!!! - I resisted eating late at night
NO- I didn't get any additional exercise today

Day 7 - 6 pounds down...several more to go!!!

I weighed today...250!! That means I lost 6 pounds! I lost 6 pounds on a week that I went on a vacation, went out with the girls and had a birthday/family party day at the lake--- that is seriously amazing!! Before FORM & FIXX I would have thought... maybe I should start next week or at least given up half way through the week... but I didn't!!! Yeah me!

Day 7- Sunday, July 13, 2008

8:00 am - Blended a FIXX shake with a banana, some frozen mixed fruit and 16 oz. of water.

11:30 am - Took a FORM with 8 oz. of water
12:00 pm- Ate lunch- spinach, macaroni salad, Parmesan and ranch dressing- drank a peach Fresca

12:30 pm - Drank 8 oz. of water

4:30 pm - Took FORM
5:00 pm - Ate dinner- bacon, turkey, cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce sandwich. 8 oz of water

between 6-9 pm - Drank 24 oz. water bottle

9:00 pm- Ate a small wedge of watermelon
10:00 pm - Took FORM w/8 oz. of water.

Daily Recap of Objectives-
YES - I was a decisive eater!
YES - I drank tons of water today and no Coke at all!
YES - Ate fruits and veggies
YES - I ate regularly
YES - I didn't eat late at night (that watermelon hardly counts as more than water!)
NO - I didn't get any exercise today-- Sunday, the day of rest

I can't wait for WEEK 2!!!

Day 6 - ...and we're back at the lake again!

5 times to the buoy!!
Yeah...burn those pounds off! That is quite a swim! Granted I use a noodle to keep from drowning but it sure doesn't help with propulsion --that part is all me!
Okay - today I am going to do a side by side comparison of my pre FORM lake day and today when I used FORM and FIXX. I tried to have almost the exact same food available as was available to me the first lake day, all except the Nutter Butters... I am only human!

Day 6 - Saturday, July 12, 2008

Today- Using FORM (brown) -VS- Pre-FORM Lake Day (blue)
Today: 8:00 am - FIXX shake 16 oz. of water blended with ice and a banana. -VS-
11:00 am - Breakfast- Choc. Soy Milk and 2 Sweet and Salty Granola Bars

11:00 am - Drank 16 oz. water bottle

1:00 pm- Took a FORM
1:30 pm - Lunch - ate 2 inches of an AmericanSub, small scoop of macaroni salad, 10 Sun chips, 8 oz. of water. -VS-
2:00 pm - Lunch- 4 inches of an American Sub, a handful of Sun Chips, a scoop full macaroni salad, Cherry Coke Zero

4:00 pm - Ate a piece of homemade peanut butter taffy lightly mixed with sand given me by my 5 year old. -VS-
3:30 pm- Ate Animal Cookies, a handful of cherries and drank a 16 oz. water bottle

6:00 pm - Small scoop of salad with about 10 Cool Ranch Doritos, drank 8 oz. of water. -VS-
6:00 pm- Ate 10 Nutter Butter cookies, 7 layer dip with Fritos and a Coke Zero

7:30 pm - Getting hungry...ate 5 animal cookies
8:20 pm - Took FORM
8:50 pm - Ate small salad of spinach, Parmesan & small scoop of macaroni salad on top
chased it all with a Cherry Coke Zero (my reward for not having Birthday cake at the lake). -VS-
8:30 pm - Ate cut cantelope, 1/4 chicken salad sandwich, more macaroni salad w/Fritos.
11:30 pm - Ate 5 Red Vines & a water bottle

WOW! I am amazed! I can really see a difference, especially with lunch! Looking back at my pre-FORM day-- I really ate a lot of sugary treats! I haven't so far felt super cravey so it hasn't been that hard to resist all the cookie/cake/sugar snacks around. My five animal cookies & one Coke Zero today is a huge improvement over the 2 Sweet & Saltys, Animal cookies, 10 Nutter Butters, Red Vines and 2 Cokes Zeros I ate the first day!

Thanks to MyO3World FORM & FIXX!!

Day 5 -Salad or not to Salad? That is the question.

Salads. I really love salads... I do! Okay maybe I really love salad dressings ---I mean, not obsessively-- I don't carry a bottle of ranch in my purse or have a personal dispenser with a pump top clipped to my belt loop or anything, but thats not the point.... the point is that salads have never felt like a meal.--at least not before FORM. This is HUGE for me! I have always eaten salads as a side dish, or with garlic bread or a grilled cheese--- almost never alone. In the past week, I have been eating small salads (on an 7 inch plate to give you some perspective of what I mean by small) and after taking a FORM, I have felt totally satisfied!
aawww... the possibilities....

Day 5 - Friday, July 11, 2008

8:00 am - I woke up starving today! Drank a FIXX made with 20 oz. of water. (I know it seems like a lot of water to make a shake with but I have always liked shakes a little thin and it contributes to my water tally for the day so-bonus!) Ate a cheese stick.

11:15 am - Took a FORM w/ 8oz. of water
12:30 pm - Ate a salad ( 7 in. plate) Spinach, cheese, bowtie noodles, sunflower seeds, peas, onions & ranch--chased with 8 oz. of water -- Definitely felt full.

3:00 pm - started to get hungry- ate a banana

6:00 pm - Really hungry! I forgot to take a FORM before dinner--things were a little crazy. Ate 3 -4 inch pancakes w/syrup and drank 8 oz. of Chocolate Soy milk. I was still a little hungry but decided that if I ate any more...I wouldn't want to tell you, so journaling helped my self control at this meal!

7:00 pm - Walked 1 mile to pick up my 11 year old from her writing club. Drank 16 oz. of water.

9:00 pm- Had my nighttime cravey hunger-- took a FORM ate 5 bagel chips dipped in humus w/ 12 oz. of water.

DAILY Recap of Objectives:

YES - I was a decisive eater--barely! I didn't use FORM very well today and I felt a little deprived after dinner. I really think 3 is the number that I need a day!
YES - I drank more water than soda-- in fact -- no soda!
YES - I ate fruits and veggies
YES - I ate regularly.
NO - I didn't resist eating at night but I ate very little and early compared to last week!
YES - I did get some exercise.

Day 3 & 4 - Let's talk about POO...

Let's talk about poo. Yes, I said poo. As I am telling people about My O3 World and FORM, I keep getting questions about poo. People are wanting to know if it "may cause leakage" like another new to the market weight loss product that I won't mention by name does.
My answer is... since the product is simply a space filler and does not interact with your body, it doesn't make sense that it would cause loose dirty pants or runny buns.

Another poo related question that keeps coming up is will it cause blockage? My answer to that one is... when the micro beads expand they are slick balls that will not attach to the walls of your GI tract. If anything it may just help slide things through a little more smoothly.

Personally, I haven't had any noticeable or disturbing change in the "letting go" department--- and since as I am writing this I am at the end of my 5th day, so if there does happen to be a change I wouldn't be able to blame it on FORM.

(Oh, by the way... I went without my computer while I was gone for 2 days and I am still trying to catch up -- so I am combining days 3 & 4 into one posting)

Day 3- Wednesday, July 9, 2008 (still visiting friends)

8:30 am- My kids and their friends woke us moms up with breakfast in bed. I ate a piece of toast with apple butter on it and a small banana nut muffin with 12 oz. of ice water.

11:30 am- Drank 8 oz. of water

12:30 pm - Took my first FORM of the day
1:00 pm - Ate lunch- a small salad w/cheddar, ham and turkey slices with italian dressing, drank 12 oz. of water.

3:30 pm- Drank a diet Cherry Pepsi (why? I don't even like Pepsi)

4:15 pm- Does running with 3 kids, 3 bags and a booster seat through the Las Vegas airport count as exercise??... I think, yes! Have you seen the size of that place?

5:00 pm- Drank a mini 8 0z. water bottle on the plane with 1/2 a bag of cheddar munchies and one of my son's mini chocolate cookies.

7:15 pm - Took a FORM w/ 8 oz. of water
7:45 pm - Ate a spinach, cheese, tomato, sunflower seeds & ranch salad and 1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich. Drank 8 oz. of water and I was stuffed!!

11:00 pm - I wanted a snack so I took a FORM and totally forgot about snacking.
12:00 pm - Went to bed.

Day 4- Thursday, July 10, 2008

9:30 am- Drank a FIXX shake with 20 oz. of water

12:00 pm- Starting to get hungry, ate a small bag of baby carrots and 1/2 a pizza pocket leftover from one of the kids lunches.

2:00 pm- Really starting to get hungry, took a FORM with 8 oz. of water
2:30 pm- Ate a spinach salad w/ cheese, peas, sunflower seeds and ranch chased with 8 oz. of water. Totally satisfied.

5:30 pm- I didn't fix my hair and put make-up on all day thinking I was going to go for a walk and then get ready... I am out of time at this point and have to settle for stairs. I jogged 130 stairs (65 going up and 65 going down) and thought I was going to die! Jumped in the shower and got ready for my Girls Night/Book Club.

6:30 pm- Took a FORM with 8 oz. of water
7:00 pm - Went out to eat with "the girls" from my neighborhood to celebrate my birthday next week along with a couple of other birthdays this month. We ate at Costa Vida. Since we were celebrating birthdays, I told myself if I really felt like having Key Lime pie which is what I always get at Costa Vida then I could. When I went to order... I truly didn't want it! I ordered my usual which is a sweet pork quesadilla with a handful of lettuce and mango salsa on the side. I ate the salsa/lettuce like a salad first and then ate 1/2 of my quesadilla. I could have kept eating and made myself uncomfortably full but I was really fine stopping. I honestly can not believe how much self control this pill is giving me! I am always struggling 3-4 days into a diet and this feels almost like I'm not doing anything different!

11:00 pm - The girls and I were heavy into a card game when I started to feel munchie. Took a FORM-- it took the edge off and I was fine. Gave everyone else Red Vines but wasn't even tempted. Drank 24 oz. water bottle (between 9-12 pm)

2 DAY Recap of Objectives:

YES- I was definitely a decisive eater
YES- I drank less than 12 oz of soda both days and drank plenty of water.
YES- I ate lots of fruits and veggies
YES- I ate pretty regularly
YES!!! - I finally resisted eating late at night
YES- I did get some additional exercise each day
YES- I am finally finished journaling for today...! See you tomorrow!

FIT and FAB -DAY 2!

I decided that I don't want to call this a "diet"-- it really doesn't feel like a diet....and I don't think it looks like a diet, really. I am just rearranging when and how I eat and adding some activity. When I think of the word "diet" I think of a regimen that is full of "CAN'T s" . Can't have sugar, can't have fatty foods, can't have carbs, can't eat anything remotely know, you've been there!

I am not restricting myself at all. I am leaving myself the option to have something sweet or a nice chunk of bread if I want... all I am doing is trying to eat the good for me stuff first, eating at smart times of day and not eating if I am not hungry. So basically, if I eat a salad and it fills me up then I'm done--- if not, then add something. all I am really saying is I not on a "diet" I'm just changing my flabby Abby habits to FIT and FABBY ones...and that is what I am going to call my log from now on!

Day 2- Tuesday, July 8,2008

9:30 am - On vacation and forgot to pack some FIXX packets so I have to eat a real breakfast--eeee...ok. Took a FORM with 6 oz. of water.

10:00 am - Ate 2 eggs, scrambled in a tortilla w/cheese and salsa. Didn't have anything to drink because the water was turned off until noon for some repair... would have been nice to know 30 minutes ago so I could have filled up a cup ...but what do ya do?
After eating I feel completely full- I have no desire to eat anything more.

11:00 am - Swam 4 laps -the pool was about a 60 foot pool-- not terribly impressive but better than nothing.

12:00 pm - Waters on! Drank 16 oz. but still not hungry.

12:30 pm- Ate 1/2 cup of fresh strawberries just out of sheer temptation- wow they were yummy!
1:15 pm - Ate lunch because it's lunchtime. Small salad of romaine, cheddar chunks, strawberries and poppyseed dressing--- oh my taste buds, that was good! Drank 8 oz. of water.

2:00 pm- Drank 8 oz. water

5:30 pm - HUNGRY- took a FORM
6:00 pm - Went to IN & OUT Burger--first time...ordered a single burger with cheese and grilled onions, fries and a 22 oz. drink (got light lemonade-aren't you proud of me?). I ate my whole burger and about 3/4 of the fries. My 5 year old decided his shake was too fluffy so he confiscated my drink and I only got a few sips. I was really tempted to eat more but not because I was hungry but because it was so good. I really think if I had drank more with my meal it wouldn't have been so tempting.

8:00 pm - Went shopping with my friend and I am only making a note because usually when I am out and about by myself or with a friend (meaning no kids) I tend to grab a treat. As we were walking through the store I thought to myself out of habit 'should I get a treat' and then realized, nothing really sounded good. It felt nice...kind of liberating. I really think it was because I wasn't hungry! This is so cool!!

9:45 pm - Still not hungry but drank a diet 7-up.

1:30 am - Yes, we were still up...trying to cram as much time in together as possible! Ate 5 Red Vines and 1/2 a water bottle.

Daily Recap of Objectives:
YES- I feel like I was a decisive eater
YES- I didn't drink a single Coke! and I drank about 40 oz. of water
YES- I ate fruits and veggies
YES- I ate regularly-- skipped an afternoon snack, which I think would have helped with my temptation at dinnertime but other than that....
NO- I didn't resist eating late again but still not a huge amount of food--so it is progress!
YES- I did get some exercise today!


FORM diet - DAY 1!!!

Day 1 - Monday, July 7, 2008

A good friend of mine once taught me that anytime you create a system ( in this case a Healthy Lifestyle) you should first start with a list of objectives. This way you will ensure that your system accomplishes what you aim to. Sooo.... based on the observations I have made here is my list of basic objectives I am aiming to accomplish:
  1. LOOSE WEIGHT-- Be healthier!
  2. TransFORM myself into a decisive eater instead of a compulsive eater by controlling hunger.
  3. More water-Less Coke!
  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  5. Eat more regularly -help snail paced metabolism win race!
  6. Stop eating late at night!!
  7. Be more active!
  8. Be accountable- journal!
With this in mind.... here is how my day went---

8:30 am - Woke up with a smile of anticipation on my face, rallied the troops and set out for a morning walk! The street we live on forms a figure 8 and is approximately 1 mile. Armed with my water bottle (24 oz.) and my 3 + 1 kids on bikes we started the day with a bang (Obj. #7 -check)

Got hungry around 10:30 am - made myself a FIXX shake with 20 oz. of water-- this is one of the best flavored shakes I have tried. You know I am a breakfast shake girl anyway and have tried several different brands. Many brands have an after taste or are really chalky-- this one is honestly ...delightful!--- and who doesn't want that kind of adjective attached to their morning meal I ask you?

12:45 pm - Started to get hungry- took my first FORM of the day with 8 oz. of water. I completely forgot about eating. This tells me that FORM really did take away my hungry feeling but I did not feel full or bloated or anything, really--- just not hungry. I got busy working and forgot about being hungry so didn't end up eating until 2:00 pm. I still wasn't really getting hungry but knew I needed to eat.

2:00 pm- Ate a small salad (about 1 cup of spinach, 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar & parmesan, turkey slices, 10 snap pea pods, and ranch) not really a low fat meal but all fresh and good! I was completely satisfied. (Obj. #4- check)

4:30 pm- Started to get a little hungry again so I took my 2nd FORM with 8 oz. of water.
5:00 pm- Ate a cheese stick

6:00 pm- Ate a Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe from Wendy's on the way to the airport

8:00 pm- Drank a mini water bottle (8 oz.) on the plane and ate a snack bag of Cheddar Munchies. I am really starting to be hungry at this point and wish I had planned better to have a FORM in my purse.

11:30 pm - We are finally settled in and I am starving! Don't think it would be wise to just take a FORM and go to bed-- if it was earlier maybe but at this point I better just have a sensible snack. Ate 15 cherries and a Turkey & cheese sandwich with a Diet Cherry Pepsi (yuck!)

Daily Recap of Objectives:

YES - I think I was a decisive eater today!
YES - I drank lots of water (52 oz.) and only one little soda!
YES - I ate more fruits and veggies
NO - I did not eat more regularly -- I think I needed to be more planned since I wasn't going to be home much today. I also need to start by eating earlier in the morning.
NO - I didn't resist late night eating but I think I ate small... so that is progress.
YES - I did exercise!
YES - I am accountable --baring all to the world!

DAY 7- Last Pre Diet Day!

This is it! The last pre-diet day to log. I am not even going to bother itemizing the whole day because it was Fast Sunday and I didn't eat anything until 5:00 pm. Rest assured my eating did include Key Lime pie and a post 9:00 pm meal! I also think I am getting a pretty clear picture of my eating habits from the previous 6 days.

Here is what I have learned:
  • I start the day eating moderately and gradually increase portion and frequency as it gets later in the day.
  • I tend to get hungry in the mid afternoon and about 9:00 pm at night-- without fail and seem to make the worst eating choices at those times!
  • I apparently don't drink anything that isn't a diet Coke product of one kind or another.
  • I eat next to null in the fruit & veggie department.
  • I get distracted/sidetracked easily and go long periods of time without eating. (This is one thing I was a little surprised at because my children have meals like clockwork! I guess I always assumed I ate at the same times -- never noticing that is rarely the case.)
  • I am not getting enough exercise!!

  1. First of all I am going to add FORM and FIXX to my diet! FORM is for hunger management so I think I am going to try 4 a day to start out. I am going to take one before lunch, one mid-late afternoon and then 1-2 around 9 pm. My aim is to use FORM at my most cravey, hungry times of day to give me an edge to be a more decisive eater instead of a compulsive eater! I obviously will replace my current breakfast shake with FIXX!
  2. I am going to try to cut the Coke (no brainer) and drink 6-8 glasses of waterish beverages a day. I am going to say that if I want to have a coke, I have to drink a glass of water first and then if I still want it then ok!
  3. I am going to have at least 1 salad a day and add at least 1 fruit. I know this doesn't sound like much but I am going to take baby steps to not get overwhelmed.
  4. I am going to eat small meals/snacks on an every 3 hour schedule to help my partly genetic, partly lifestyle induced sluggish metabolism. I am going to try to eat at 9 am , 12 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm and 8 pm.
  5. I am going to do some kind of activity each day! I think I feel like I am always going, but obviously my bustling around is not enough exercise to help me loose weight!
  6. I am going to keep JOURNALING!! This seems to be a suggestion made in every diet I have tried -- it must be important! I do think, this last week it has made me more conscious of what I am doing and made me acknowledge the truth about my choices. It is hard to argue when it is in black and white (or brown & pink)!
I think that is enough goals to start with! Wish me luck!!

DAY 6 - Pre Diet Stage

Only one more day!! I am so excited to get started!! I have been thinking about my schedule for the next 2 weeks and it is NOT diet friendly!! I am going to Vegas to visit a friend for 2 days, when I get home later this week I am going out with some girlfriends to celebrate our birthdays in July, then Saturday, we are spending the day at the lake with family to celebrate 2nd quarter birthdays---- no, wait---it gets worse---next week I am going camping for 4 days with a girls youth group where I have no control over what is available to eat or when! This will be an ultimate test-- if I can loose weight under those circumstances then FORMTM can truly help ANYONE!!

Day 6- Saturday, July 5th

10:30 am-Breakfast (does it really matter when I woke up?) with the family- Waffles w/ syrup chased with a cup of Chocolate soy milk.

I have to insert here that with Saturday bustling I didn't notice I was hungry for a long time.

3:00 pm- finally got around to lunch- ate 1/4 of leftover American sub & 8 oz. of Hawaiian Punch Limeade

4:30 pm- Drank a water bottle while running errands. Stopped at Costco on the way home to grab some produce and a case of water bottles in anticipation of my big start on Monday....I also bought a Costco size key lime pie (unnecessary $10.00) -- I better invite someone over for Sunday dinner because that pie can not be accessible on Monday!!

6:30 pm- Ate some more macaroni salad but mixed things up by throwing it on a bed of fresh spinach with some dressing & Parmesan cheese... ok, that sounds kind gross but it really was good-- chased with what appears to be the only thing I drink according to this log, a Cherry Coke Zero...and a nice piece of key lime pie!

10:30 pm- Shared another piece of pie with my husband but had to off set how rich it was with some Sun chips. Drank another coke.

In bed by MIDNIGHT!! Are you so proud of me?

DAY 5 - Pre Diet Stage nearing an end

I really feel that holidays and celebrations are my downfall with regards to weight! I don't know if it is an American cultural thing or a Mormon family cultural thing or just a my family cultural thing but all holidays are spent eating!! All activities are planned around a meal or dessert-- without fail--- having laid out that disclaimer-- here is what my 4th of July was like...

Day 5 - Friday, July 4, 2008

9:30 am -Woke up (hey the whole family slept in today... it's a holiday, get off my back!) Too busy bustling around to get going to be hungry.

11:00 am - We are finally in the car off to spend the day at the lake-- drank 12 oz. Chocolate Soy Milk and grabbed 2 Sweet and Salty Granola bars to eat on the way.

I got tons of exercise today!! We unloaded our van full of supplies and hauled them all from the car to the shore. Without any additional hesitation, I dived in and swam to the "no wake" buoy! I love no exercise more than swimming, especially in a lake for some reason. Most people go to a lake with a boat or a wave runner, but I love to swim/noodle in a lake for hours!

2:00 pm -Finally took a swim break and ate lunch. Had about 4 inches of an American Sub, a handful of Garden Salsa Sun Chips and a scoop full of what seems to be the never ending macaroni salad. Topped it all off with a Cherry Coke Zero. -- Back in the water to make another run to the buoy.

3:30 pm- Something about swimming that makes a girl hungry! Came to shore for a snack. Ate Animal cookies (you know those iced ones with the little sprinkles-- yummy), drank a water bottle and a handful of cherries. --- Back in the water!

6:00 pm- Need another snack. Oooh, Nutter Butter cookies- I think I will have 10ish. Ate about 6 Fritos scoops full of 7 layer dip (which only really had 6 layers) and shared a coke with my 5 year old (no, he doesn't usually drink coke).

Back in the water for a final run to the buoy! I hate when good things come to an end!
8:30 pm - packed our stuff up from the shore to relocate to the cliff to watch the fireworks over the lake. Ate cut cantaloupe, 1/4 of a chicken salad sandwich, some macaroni salad scooped with Fritos.

12:00 am - In denial, and don't want to go to bed yet. Ate 5 Red Vines and drank a water bottle while playing a hand of cards with my husband.

Happy 4th! Went to don't really want to know.

DAY 4- Pre-Diet Stage

Day 4- Thursday, July 3, 2008
2:30 am - Woke up hearing a child throw up in the hall- once new sleeping accommodations were decided on I was left wide awake and thinking-- then hungry. Got up and drank a glass of Chocolate Soy milk, plugged in an audio book to drown out the middle of the night brainstorming session and went back to sleep!

9:00 am- Woke up hungry

9:30 am - Drank my usual shake- mmm refreshing!

12:00 pm - Went to park lunch with the kids. I didn't buy a lunch thinking I would make a sandwich when we get home. I was a little hungry but not too bad.

Decided to go grocery shopping on our way home from lunch. I think I may have bought double the amount of food necessary for our holiday plans-- I reckon I spend at least $50.00 more than I was planning--- really hungry now.

1:30 pm -When we got home the kids were anxious to go swimming so I jumped in with them before getting something to eat. I realized that when I am busy I tend to forget about being hungry, which isn't really good because I end up going too long and getting too hungry.

2:25 pm- Came inside to make a sandwich but got distracted by a business call then with kids. Never made sandwich.

4:00 pm- Seriously hungry, almost to the point nothing sounds good. Kids are now asking for a post pool snack. Made everyone 2 plates of nachos to share. I ate about 2/3 of one plate with sour cream/salsa dip and a Cherry Coke Zero.

6:00 pm -Tigers blood snow cone at swimming lessons - last day!

6:30 pm- Not really hungry but is dinner time with my family. We served Macaroni salad and grilled cheese. I ate only 1 1/2 grilled cheese with Crystal Light lemonade.

9:30 pm -Snacked on Red Vines and a water bottle while waiting for a fireworks show to start. Our family volunteered to help with the garbage pick up post fireworks so I think that counts as some kind of activity.

12:00 pm - Ate a scoop of macaroni salad w/ Wheat Thins and a Cherry Coke Zero

Went to bed late...and we will leave it at that!

DAY 3 - Pre-Diet Stage

I have to say, I may not need a whole week of this! I can see several unFIT and Fabulous habits or routines appearing in this log after only a few days! Also, I think everyone considering dieting should make a public announcement and bare all---- this is enough to humiliate the first 10 pounds off me, which is a great starting point!! I also strangely feel like I am suddenly accountable to a 100 people for following through with this--- that is something I definitely need for success!

Day 3- Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Woke up 8:00 am wasn't hungry until 9ish
9:00 am - ate 2 small orange-blueberry glazed muffins my 11 year old made before I got up (what a self starter!) and drank 12 oz. of Chocolate Soy Milk

11:30 am - Hungry again- left for free lunch at the park w/ my kids decided to buy a meal (adults have to pay, only kids eat free- spent $3.00)- ate a meat & bean chimichanga, a mini cup of applesauce, a small bag of Sun chips and a snack baggie of baby carrots. I have to say I didn't really feel satisfied-- I really needed a drink and they only serve milk (I HATE milk!)

2:00 pm -Hungry pains- start to wonder what I can eat...

2:30 pm - Hungry turns to -I can't wait any longer- ate 1 more muffin & a bag of Baked Cheetos (it is like there is a never ending supply of these handy in the kitchen) and a Cherry Coke Zero.

4:45 pm - ate a Sweet and Salty Granola Bar for no other reason than the power of suggestion-- my daughter walked by my desk eating one and it just sounded good.

9:00 pm -missed dinner because I had a 6:00 pm meeting and wasn't prepared enough to have dinner ready before I left (and my family was still at swimming lessons, so there wasn't a lot of motivation). I just got home and am beyond starving!! Went to Subway for a $5 sub (Veggie delight foot long with extra cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, mayo and ranch on Monterey Cheddar bread) chased it with a 32 oz. half diet Coke/half Dr. Pepper and Garden salsa Sun chips.
I hate to eat alone so roped my sweet hubby into getting a sandwich he wasn't hungry for but somehow ate anyway. I often joke that every time I have gone on a diet my husband looses 20 pounds and I think I have just discovered why! (spent $12.50ish)

Went to sleep around 1:00 am

DAY 2 - Pre Diet Stage

As I reflect about my journaling of day 1, I have noticed that I am rather self conscious about having to write down every bite. This is a good thing! Every time I go to eat something I think, if I eat that I am going to have to tell I really want to? It really hasn't stopped me from eating anything thus far but the pause for thought seems like a spark of progress!

Day 2- Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Woke up- 9:00 am (Lazy Butt!)
Hungry by 10:00 am - ate a handful of baked Cheetos (someone has got to take those off the counter!) -got distracted and didn't eat breakfast until 10:30.

10:30 am Breakfast -Slim-fast Chocolate shake made with 20 oz. of water.

12:00 pm Free lunch at the park- ate half of my 17 month old niece's leftover Baloney & American cheese on wheat.

1:00 pm -starting to get hungry distracted

2:00-3:00 pm -swam with the kids in the pool (which basically consists of floating on a noodle since our pool is only 4 feet deep and 15 feet wide)

3:45 pm- finally got around to making lunch for myself- ate a sandwich: Turkey, mayo, Am. cheese, tomato, and lettuce on white, more baked Cheetos and a can of Cherry Coke Zero.

6:00 pm Hungry again- had a tiger's blood snow cone at my 5 year old's swimming lesson (spent $1.00)

6:30 pm Dinner- ate a scoopful of chow mien from Panda Express ($2.85) and 10 homemade cream cheese wontons dipped in sweet and sour sauce chased with 2 cups of 7-up.

9:45 pm Hungry again -ate 8 more wontons cold but good w/ another cup of 7-up

11:45 pm Shared husband's bowl of chocolate peanut butter ice cream

Went to sleep around 12:20


Why do I need a "Pre-Diet" stage you wonder? Well, I think one of the many reasons I consistently fail is I have never customized a diet to address my body's specific needs. I have always tried to follow a generic plan, one-size-fits-all type of program and I really need to be better informed about my current lifestyle habits and eating style so I can make a plan to maximize the hunger management benefits that FORM will give me.

My "Pre-Diet" stage plan is to make a research journal for 1 week of: when I sleep/wake-up, when I get hungry- is there a certain time of day or how long after I eat, what I eat, what type of food decisions I make when I allow myself to get too hungry, etc. I am hoping that after doing this for a week, I will be able to determine when would be the most effective times to take a FORM or have a FIXX when I start my 2 week and 1 day trial run (I have to at least beat my record)!

Day 1- Monday, June 30, 2008
Woke up- 7:45 am/Hungry by 9:45 am
10:00 am Breakfast- ate1 piece of French toast w/ margarine, syrup & powdered sugar. Drank a chocolate Slim-fast shake made with 20 oz. of water (not for any diet reason but because I really hate to eat breakfast food at breakfast time and a shake in the morning is the best ...but the French toast I made for the kids just looked yummy).

11:00 am-Just for fun, I changed the batteries in my scale and weighed myself (for the first time in over a year since the batteries has since acted as a bathroom doorstop)---- I weighed in at a whopping 256 pounds on my 5 foot 4 inch frame!

12:00 pm Lunchtime (we don't usually eat breakfast that late) not hungry yet but took the kids to free summer lunch at the park, ate a McDonald's Cheeseburger and a 20 oz. half Diet Coke/half Dr. Pepper (spent $2.14)

3:00 pm Best friends moved away today-- took the kids for an emotional snack-- still not very hungry but ate the "above the rim" part of a Butterfinger shake and chased it with a 16 oz. Diet Coke and about 12 oz. of ice water. (spent $12.48)

6:34 pm Dinnertime - I am so hungry I am impatient and looking for something to snack on while I make dinner. Ate a hand full of Baked Cheetos left over from free lunch. Ate 2 grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches with a cup of 7-up spiked mixed juice.

10:30 pm Husband and I are hungry. We eat a snack of garlic humus on bagel chips chased with a Cherry Coke Zero.

Went to sleep at 12:35 am