50 lbs. Down And Counting!!

I am half way to my goal! I know it has been a long time since my last posting ... well 10 lbs. ago... and a lot has happened! I won O3 World's BIGGEST TRANSFORMATION Contest for one! Here is my progress picture that landed me first place and celebrity photo shoot in L.A.
The contest was based on total number of pounds lost, inches lost and how many people you have shared the business opportunity with. I lost 48 pounds, 34.5 inches total and have shared my good news with anyone who will listen... and I guess it was enough.

Here are a few of my "AFTER" photos taken in L.A.

It is amazing what lighting and a professional makeup artist can do---- not to mention a sparkly purple tube top and 4 inch heals! -- Smokin' HOT!! It was quite the experience!

O3 World is starting another contest in January so all you who need some additional motivation... I would highly recommend entering! It was totally worth it!