Day 50-51 That was then...and This Is Now!

Everyone went back to school today so... we went camping at the lake! One last hurrah before we resign ourselves to autumn. I took some more swimsuit pictures to do a "that was then and this is now" comparison--- what do you think?

The picture on the left was taken July 12, 2008 and the picture on the right was taken August 25, 2008! Those 19 missing pounds are really noticeable-- I can't wait to see what 29 missing pounds looks like! I'm sure I won't have to wait long!

Day 50 -August 25, 2008

8:30 am -Drank FIXX shake with 20 oz. of water.
Drank a 16 oz. water bottle before lunch.
11:30 am -Took FORM with 8 oz. of water.
12:00 am -Lunch -Pastrami & cheese on rye with a spinach salad on the side- complete with cheese, sunflower seeds, tomatoes and ranch.
3:30 pm -Snack -drank 16 oz. water bottle and ate an Atkin's Peanut Roll.
7:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water.
7:20 pm - Dinner -ate red potato & dill salad with 15 Frito Scoops. Roasted a cauliflower floret over the camp fire while my kids roasted hot dogs-- I think mine tasted better! Ate 4 chunks of Garlic Herb Havarti and misc. finger veggies.
Exercise- swam 3 times to the buoy, once without a noodle - did 15 minute water aerobics (the "gals" will be proud).
930 pm - Snack- ate 2 graham crackers, 2 Reeses Peanut Butter cups, 2 roasted marshmellows.

Daily HIGH- The hilarious scary stories my kids had to tell around the campfire! I love homeschooling!

Day 51 -Tuesday, August 26, 2008

8:00 am - Ate a mixed fruit and nuts muffin and a lowfat yogurt, drank 8 oz. of water.
10:00 am -Exercise -15 minutes on the kayak, 3 times to the buoy again- once without a noodle. Earlier this month I thought it would take me until next year to feel confident enough to try --but I just couldn't wait! Drank 24 oz. water bottle.
12:00 pm - Lunch -ate 1/2 an italian sub, small scoop of red potato & dill salad with 6 Frito Scoops, drank 16 oz. of water.
3:30 pm - Snack -ate a Pure Protein bar, drank 24 oz. water bottle. I wish I would have taken a FORM before eating today, but I am out and about with my family and didn't bring it with me--what was I thinking? Ate 2 cups of white cheddar Smart Pop popcorn.
6:30 pm -Dinner -ate 1/2 an ear of corn with butter and seasoning salt, 1/2 a fresh tomato & 2 zuccini sticks, and 1/2 a breast of BBQ chicken, drank 8 oz. of CL lemonade.
11:00 pm - Ate 4 Scoops with potato salad.
I didn't end up eating too bad today, but it was a struggle! I didn't plan very well with having some FORM with me at the lake and in my purse once we left. I felt like I was thinking about eating a lot today and it was hard to not keep eating-- especially with the popcorn and eating late at night.

Daily HIGH - Swimming to the buoy -no noodle!

Day 49 - Weigh in and .... drum roll....

19 pounds!! (Yes, I yelled that!) I was so worried looking back at all of the not so hot days I have had in the past 2 weeks but I still lost 3 pounds! I also took measurements today and I am up to a total inches lost of 9.75! That is not a bad 7 week total!

Day 49 -Sunday, August 24, 2008

9:30 am - Drank FIXX with 20 oz. of water
11:30 am - Ate 2 medium pancakes with a fried egg, drank 12 oz. of water
4;30 pm - Ate 2 small chocolate cookies that a neighbor brought by with 16 oz. of water.
5:30 pm -Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
6:00 pm - Dinner- ate 1/2 a chicken breast, BBQ style, small scoop of mashed potatoes, a serving of green beans, caesar side salad, 8 oz. of CL lemonade.

Daily HIGH - HELLO-- 19 pounds!!

Day 46-48 The Fabulous Four

Now that FORM is available to the public, my sisters and I have decided to call ourselves The Fab Four. We are fit and fabulous on the inside but need to transFORM ourselves on the outside for everyone to see. This is our official "BEFORE" pictures. We took these at the O3 Meeting at the end of July.
I am really jazzed about this! For the first time ever we will be able to be a support system for each other in weight loss now that we will have FORM and FIXX in common. What I mean is we don't all have to follow the same eating regimen which has always made it hard to work together as a group. Now one can be on Weight Watchers, one can follow South Beach, one can go vegan if she wants and we can still be supportive because we will all be using FORM to help us stick to whatever eating plan we want to lose weight with. Just another reason why FORM is so revolutionary-- it works with any eating or diet plan--- I am such a raving fan!

Day 46 -Thursday, August 21, 2008

8:00 am -
Drank 16 oz. of water --Am too sore from water aerobics the last 2 days so am taking a day off of exercise!
9:30 am - Drank a FIXX shake with 20 oz. of water
12:30 am - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
1:00 pm - Lunch -ate a salad: romaine, ham, cheese, pasta, tomato, and ranch, drank 12 oz. of water
5:45 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
6:00 pm - Dinner -ate 1/2 grilled cheese sandwich, side salad romaine, feta, tomato
8:30 pm - Went to book club -ate 1 1/2 handfuls of homemade caramel popcorn, drank 24 oz. of water.

Day 47 -Friday, August 22, 2008

8:00 am -Ate a slice of banana bread (which my 11 year old keeps making!), drank 12 oz. of water
9:30 am -Drank FIXX shake with 20 oz. of water
12:00 pm-Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
12:30 pm -Lunch -1/2 turkey ranch & bacon wrap from Arby's, drank 16 oz. of water.
3:00 pm -Snack - ate other 1/2 of wrap
On the road with some friends to an attend an educational conference-- Hopefully I will be able to eat regularly and decisively while I am gone.
4:00 pm - Stopped at a cheese factory (recommended by one of the other ladies) ate 6 small curds of "squeeky" cheese. Drank a 16 oz. caffeine free Diet Coke.
5:30 pm - Bought a Shrimp and pineapple salad (no dressing) at Bajo's, ate about 5 bites before our first seminar started. Drank 24 oz. water.
9:30 pm - finished my salad from dinner post seminar evening session. I should have taken a FORM in anticipation of eating but didn't. Probably wasn't good to eat so much so late.

Day 48 -Saturday, August 23, 2008

7:30 am -Drank FIXX shake with 20 oz. of water
Drank another 24 oz. water bottle during morning session of the seminar.
11:45 am - Took FORM with 10 oz. of water
12:15 pm- Lunch -ate at a whole foods resturant -ate 1/2 of a veggie sandwich on some kind of really whole bread (it was good though), a side salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing, and 8 oz. of water.
Drank another 24 oz. water bottle during afternoon session of the seminar.
4:00 pm - Snack -ate other 1/2 of sandwich
6:00 pm - Drank 22 oz. Caffeine Free Diet Coke
9:00 pm - Starving by the time I got home. Ate a Hickory BBQ bacon burger, split a small cheese fry with my hubby and ate 1/3 of a small chocolate brownie shake. I know this sounds bad but I am actually very happy with this meal. I think taking FORM is helping me retrain my body because I didn't over eat here. Granted I would have definitely made better food choices if I had taken a FORM before this meal but I am not going to dwell!

Daily HIGH - Coming home! I am getting adventured out this summer-- I am ready for things to slow down for a while.

Day 45 - Taking ORDERS, finally!!

It is true-- O3 World is finally taking orders as of today!! I have to say that it feels like it has taken forever but they are actually ahead of the September 1st launch date. Anyone who is interested in trying some of the FORM and/or FIXX products, you can either email me at and I will hook you up or you can sign up as a distributor and place wholesale orders for yourself (just click the sign up link in the right hand column).

If you were referred to my blog by one of my friends or family and you decide to sign up as a wholesale distributor just click on their name in the Fit and Fab Friends Directory and it will take you to their sign up page. If you just want to try the product out then, let them know also because if we group orders together we can all get it at a better price.

No matter how you do it-- just do it! It is life changing!!

Day 45 - Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8:30 am - Drank 24 oz. of water
9:00 am - Water Aerobics with "the girls"-- every muscle in my body is sore from yesterday!
11:30 am - Drank a FIXX shake with 20 oz. of water, ate 2 pieces of banana bread
1:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
2:00 pm - Lunch -spinach side salad with feta and tomatoes
Drank 24 oz. water bottle through the afternoon.
5:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water.
5:50 pm - Dinner -ate a pasta, romaine, tomato, cheese, onion, balsamic vinaigrette salad, drank a caffeine free Diet Coke.
8:30 pm - Snack -the last piece of banana bread! drank 16 oz. of water.


Day 44 - Poo Revisited

Yes, I think we need to talk about the "P" word again. I have a sister that bought a sample pack and started drinking the FIXX shakes. She called me totally excited today because she had had a "movement" 3 days in a row, which apparently is unheard of for her, after drinking the FIXX shakes for breakfast those 3 days. I am just mentioning this because I think it could be a relevant benefit for some to consider.

I also think I should give a personal overall update on my functions in that department. I have observed over the past 7 weeks a variety of changes in elimination but all positive changes, nothing disturbing, explosive or uncontrollable. I think everything seems softer on the whole but I also need to consider that I am eating differently not just taking FORM and FIXX. At 7 weeks, I have to say that I am still convinced that there are NO NEGATIVE SIDE AFFECTS in the poo department and I hear possibly some positive ones if you have problems like my sister. And yes, I think that is the last time we need to visit this topic!

Day 44 -Tuesday, August 19, 2008

8:00 am -Drank 16 oz. of water
9:00 am -Did a 1 hour water aerobics class which kicked my butt! Holey Cow!!
10:30 am - Drank FIXX with 20 oz. of water
12:30 pm -Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
1:00 pm- Lunch -ate a spinach, feta, tomato salad with 12 oz. of water
4:00 pm - Snack -Pure Protein bar with 12 oz. of water
6:20 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
6:40 pm- Dinner -ate a small Baked potato with onions, chive, sour cream and cheese with a spinach side salad with ranch, drank 16 oz. of water.

Daily HIGH- definitely water aerobics - was the class star pupil --- I was the only one under 60 in the class but it still counts!

Day 43 - Countdown to O3 Going LIVE!

In just 2 days, O3 World will be going LIVE and we will be able to place orders!!! Oh yeah, oh yeah (doing the happy dance)! I know there are tons of you out there that have been following my progress and are anxious to join me-- hold on for just a few more days and I will let you know how you can!

Day 43 - Monday, August 18, 2008

8:00 am - Drank 24 oz. water --8 minutes in the morning exercise --ouch today!
10:00 am - Drank a FIXX shake with 20 oz. of water
12:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
1:00 pm - Lunch -ate 1 piece of banana bread and a 1 1/2 eggs scrabbled with cheese.
4:00 pm- Drank a 24 oz. water bottle throughout the afternoon
5:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
6:00 pm - Dinner -ate 1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich with a spinach side salad with tomatoes, cheese, peas, sunflower seeds, topped with balsamic vinaigrette. Drank a Caffeine Free Diet Coke.
9:00 pm - Snack ate 2 pieces of Banana bread and drank 16 oz. of water

Daily HIGH- I didn't gain any weight on my family reunion!!

Day 39-42 The Snowball Effect of FORM!

I made it through my family reunion without back sliding on any of the progress I have made --phew!

I am so antsy for all of my family members that are anxiously awaiting shipments of FORM and FIXX to begin their own transFORMations. My O3 World was definitely the #1 topic of discussion the entire reunion- you'd think I had a one track mind or something! Well, it is extremely hard not to be excited to the point of being emotional about a product that is changing my life so drastically for the better! I can't help but talk about it whenever I can.

This product is so easy to tell people about, especially when they are seeing for themselves, on me, the undeniable proof that it works! The whole thing is like an uncontrollable snowball going down hill--- You may start with just a handful of good things yourself (feeling in control, losing weight, having more energy, etc.) but then you get the ball rolling and it just picks up speed (everyone you know asking you how you are doing it), substance (you are giving other people this life changing information) and momentum (they tell everyone they know, those people get excited and so on). --- it just gets bigger and faster as it goes-- there is no stopping it. It is amazing how I can tell 10 people about it and 9 of them are interested, I've never seen anything like it! It is not like any other product out there and the opportunity O3 World offers on the ground floor (which is NOW!!) is unbelievable. Just be sure you don't miss getting in on the ride of your life!

Day 39 Thursday, August 16, 2008

9:00 am - Drank FIXX with 20 oz. of water
12:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
12:30 pm - Lunch - ate a buffalo chicken salad from Wendy's on our way out of town. Drank 24 oz. water bottle during our 2.5 hour drive.
5:45 pm - Dinner - Chicken Tacos with lots of fresh veggies--- it was almost a salad with a tortilla on the side.
Drank 24 oz. water bottle
Exercise: 6 games of Lightening (a basketball game) with the boys... I won 2!

Day 40 -Friday, August 17, 2008

9:00 am - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
9:30 am - Scoop of an egg casserole, small bunch of grapes, 1/2 a necterine and a slice of cinnamon raisin toast.
Drank 24 oz. of water before lunch
1:15 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
1:45 pm - Lunch - leftover Chicken taco salad, 4 strawberries
4:00 pm - Mini bag of Nutter Butter bites (I am super munchie today-- I think it has to do with the 40 degree weather outside and we are rustic cabin camping--- you know, my body is working up an appetite trying to stay warm!)
5:30 pm - Dinner - ate roasted turkey (white meat only), corn on the cob, small blackened potato with butter and a small scoop of broccoli salad.
11:00 pm- Snack - caffeine free Diet Coke, corn chips and mango peach salsa.
Exercise- 4 different buoy ball matches, serious arm and chest exercise!

Day 41 -Saturday, August 16, 2008

9:15 am - Fruit and yogurt smoothie
11:00 am -1/2 blueberry muffin with 12 oz. of water
1:00 pm - Drank a FIXX with 20 oz. of water
4:00 pm - Drank 12 oz. of water, ate cauliflower & broccoli with garlic dip.
6:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
6:30 pm - Spagetti, side salad (no dressing) and a roll. Drank 8 oz. of water.
8:00 pm - Ate a mini strawberry shortcake with a scoop of marble ice cream, and 2 Oatmeal Crasin cookies.
10:00 pm - Snack- ate corn chips with mango, peach salsa and 1/2 of Caff. free Diet Coke

Day 42 - Sunday, August 17, 2008

8:00 am - Drank a FIXX with 20 oz. of water
12:00 pm - Lunch - ate a 6 inch veggie delight Subway sandwich, drank 24 oz. of water.
Exercise- Swam across a reservoir which was about 1/2 a mile across. Took the kayak out on the water for about 15 minutes---raced my 12 year old nephew from the buoy... yes, he won, but it was a really good race!
2:00 pm - Snack -ate a individual bag of Garden Salsa Sunchips
4:00 pm - Ate other 6 inches of Subway sandwich
6:45 pm - Dinner - ate a Big Mac, shared a small fry and took one drink of a Diet Coke I ordered but changed my mind about! (I really should have taken FORM today!!)
Drank 24 oz. of water before bed.

Day 37 -38 -Fat Free Fad Over- Yeah!

I am so glad that fat free dieting went out in the 80's! I keep reading about all these good fats and yummy things to make sure you add to your healthy eating habits and I just felt a surge of gratitude! Like avacados.... yum and sunflower seeds....yum yum on salads! ----anyway...

I am leaving town tomorrow for a 4 day family reunion. I know I have done several little get aways but this one is going to be the true ultimate test---my family! We love to eat together and we eat even more when we are happy and having fun....which is basically all of reunion (yes, our family actually likes each other!). The good thing is that my family is a huge (no pun intended) support to me in my journey. Most of them will be joining me as soon as their orders of FORM & FIXX are finally shipped (this coming week I hope!)--- I guess that adds a little pressure to be a good example this week, which should help me be decisive. We'll see how I do.

Day 37 - Tuesday, August 12, 2008

8:30 am - 8 minute morning day 2 exercise + 8 times up & down the stairs
9:30 am - Drank a FIXX with 20 oz. of water
Drank a 24 oz. water bottle before lunch
12:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
12:30 pm - Lunch - went to lunch with my sister. Ate 2/3rds of a pineapple shrimp salad from Baja Grill (no dressing necessary), drank 16 oz. of water.
4:00 pm - Snack - ate the other 1/3rd of my salad from lunch
6:15 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
7:00 pm - Dinner - I was out running errands with a different sister when we decided to bag shopping, grab a bite to eat and hit Mamma Mia! Ate a 1/2 wrap (veggie crepe) and 1/2 caramel, cream cheese crepe (no excuse for this, just wanted it) and drank 12 oz. Diet Coke.
Walked up the movie stairs side on entering and power walked everywhere we shopped to make up for our dinner. Drank 16 oz. water during movie.

Daily HIGH - Mamma Mia!

Day 38 - Wednesday, August 13, 2008

9:00 am - 8 minute morning day 3 exercise + ran 10 times up & down the stairs
9:30 am - Drank FIXX with 20 oz. of water
Drank 24 oz. of water before lunch
12:45 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
1:15 pm - Lunch - ate spinach, strawberry, cheese, cauliflower, sunflower seed with poppyseed dressing salad, drank 8 oz. of water.
4:00 pm - Snack - ate a Pure Protein bar, drank 12 oz. of water.
6:00 pm - Dinner - ate a BLT salad with cauliflower & 1/2 an artichoke with dip, drank 8 oz. of CL lemonade
11:00 pm - Snack- I should have taken a FORM before dinner or one around 9:00 pm-- too much evening activity, worked up an appetite that just wouldn't go away. Ate a handful of corn chips dipped in creamy salsa, drank 6 oz. of a caffeine free Diet Coke.

Daily HIGH- Still Mamma Mia! ---my kids and I were dancing around and singing all day as we got ready for our trip.

Will be back Monday!

Day 36 - Exercise Options

Okay, I need exercise options. I have another book that I unburied from days past called 8 Minutes in the Morning by Jorge Cruise. Hmmm, 45 minutes vs. 8 can I choose? .... I should really give the 8 minutes a try, right? I mean one shouldn't discriminate just because one is short!! Plus it is definitely more likely that I will stick to an 8 minute plan faithfully to start out with right? Or-- maybe I can just use it as a fall back for those days I just can't fit 45 minutes in? I just want options!!

It's kind of funny how with FORM in my arsenal I find myself pulling all these diet and fitness books out for review. It's like now that FORM has my back, I finally feel like I might be able to take them on seriously! It's fun!

Day 36 - Monday, August 11, 2008

8:00 am - 8 minute Day 1 exercises (I am going to count the 10 times I ran up and down the stairs in my house today)
8:45 am - Drank FIXX made with 20 oz. of water
Drank 24 oz. water bottle all morning
12:30 pm - Took FORM
1:00 pm - Lunch -ate a salad with romaine lettuce, onion, tomato, feta and 3 cheese tortellini's on top with balsamic vinaigrette, drank 8 oz. of water-- bursting full--- should have stopped before my salad was gone--darn you Cheesecake Factory dressing!
6:00 pm - Dinner -ate a Tomato basil veggie wrap
9:00 pm - Snack - ate an Atkins Indulgence bar with 24 oz. of water

Daily HIGH - For family night tonight we went rock climbing at our Fitness Center-- the kids were in heaven and we all had a blast! My five year old took a while to get used to it but he did finally reach the black line!

Day 35 - End of Week 5!

5 WEEKS! I can't believe I am still excited, and still making progress, and still feeling great! Hurrah for me!

I took measurements this morning and I have lost a total of 7.5 inches - 5.5 of which are off my stomach and hips! I took a picture so I could do a side by side comparison and I can definitely see a difference in my stomach compared with my swimsuit picture from day 6. In the day 6 picture my stomach pokes out farther than my bust (which is saying something) but in the day 35 it's smaller. From now on I will take progress pictures in the same pose so it will be easier to see!

I know,-- to look at these pictures you think...hmmm, still fat--- but I'm making progress and I can't deny how much better I feel regardless how slight the visual transformation is---- so I'm happy!

Day 35- Sunday, August 10, 2008

9:00 am - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
9:30 am - Ate 1 applesauce pancake with a fried egg, drank 8 oz. of water
11:45 am - Drank a FIXX shake blended with mixed fruit and ice
4:30 pm- Post church hungry--super hungry -took a FORM with 12 oz. of water.
5:00 pm - Ate a BLT w/ cauliflower and broccoli on the side with garlic dip, drank 6 oz. of a Caffeine Free Diet Coke
10:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
11:00 pm - Ate a cheese stick & shared another Diet Coke with hubby.

Daily HIGH - 7.5 inches, 5 weeks-- can't choose, too happy!

Day 34 - Bridget Jones Obsessive

I have decided my weighing habit has become obsessive to the level of Bridget Jones's Diary! I can't promise that I won't weight 5 times a day but I am telling myself that it only really counts every 2 weeks!

As I mentioned in an earlier posting, I am going to start weighing on a real scale at the Fitness Center to get a more accurate reading ----and as I anticipated, weighing first thing this morning in my swimming suit and no shoes, pre-workout made a difference from my reading yesterday. Today I weighed in at 240.25 pounds which brings my total to 16 pounds lost (if you minus the .25 for my swimming suit)!! Not bad for 34 days! Tomorrow I will do my measurements and give you a total inches lost update-- I anticipate that number making me happy since I haven't had to unbutton a pair of pants to use the bathroom in over a week!

Day 34 - Saturday, August 9, 2008

8:30 am - Swam 4 laps, walked 3 times upstream around the "river", did a 12 rep set of underwater grand battements (front, side and back on each leg) and 12 grand plies, drank 16 oz. of water.
10:00 am - Got more FIXX!! -- finally, I really missed it! Drank one with 20 oz. of water
12:20 pm- Took FORM with 8 oz. of water.
1:00 pm- Lunch -ate an extra yummy salad (romaine, feta, onion, tomato topped with balsamic vinaigrette from The Cheesecake Factory-divine!) drank 8 oz. of water.
4:00 pm- Snack - ate an Atkins Indulgence bar, drank 16 oz. of water.
5:45 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
6:15 pm - Dinner- ate a steamed artichoke with Cheesecake Factory dressings, with a side of tortelini salad, drank 8 oz. of Crystal Light lemonade.
10:00 pm - Took FORM with 12 oz. of water.

Daily HIGH - The Cheesecake Factory dressing-- I am not even going to ask what the nutritional information is -- I don't want to know!!

Day 33 - Burn, Baby Burn

Today I spent 20 minutes on an elliptical machine at the Fitness Center trying to do my Body For Life aerobic exercise (short and efficient). I may have to start on the treadmill because my level 5 (which is where you are supposed to start your workout) kept making the machine turn off because it thought I was no longer moving --sad, but kind of funny. I did manage to go 2 miles and burn 258 calories in my 20 minutes despite my electronic difficulties --- it wasn't the varying intensity level aerobic exercise that I was aiming for-- it was simply a solid 20 minute burn!

Weighed with too many clothes on and tennis shoes post workout--- didn't like the reading-- will come back tomorrow in my swimming suit and weigh before doing laps.

Day 33 - Friday, August 8, 2008

8:30 am - Aerobic workout, drank 24 oz. of water
10:20 am - Ate Pure Protein meal bar with 8 oz. of water
12:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
1:00 pm - Lunch - ate BBQ chicken salad but only ate 2/3rds of what I made. Drank 6 oz. Caffeine Free Diet Coke.
4:00 pm - Snack -ate left over 1/3 of lunch salad, drank 12 oz. of water
6:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
6:20 pm - Dinner - ate Swiss Fondue, dipped cauliflower, broccoli, and whole wheat baguette.
8:30 pm - Snack -ate 2 Tb. garlic humus with more veggies and bread left over from dinner, drank 16 oz. of water

Daily HIGH - going to the fitness center with my kids-- we all had a lot of fun!

Day 32 - Tackling My Squishy Parts!

Okay, I am ready to tackle my squishy parts! I feel great, I have increased my activity but now I want to SEE some serious changes--- it's time to step up the exercise plan! (Wow, I just never thought I would hear myself say that...I am like a different person!)

I know that the more muscle I have the more fat my body will burn-- so I need to add some toning and muscle building to my activity. Since I am trying to do this whole process like an Average Joe that can't afford a personal trainer and I have a life full of family, school and business responsibilities which don't allow me to work out for hours and hours a day-- I needed to find a program that is about quality, NOT quantity!

Here is what found... Several years ago I read the book, Body For Life by Bill Phillips. I remembered really liking the exercise and eating concepts in it (though I could never stick to the program) so I dug out my copy and reread it. It is like an exercising for idiots book-- it is so easy to understand and follow! There are 2 concepts that I really loved from this book: first is that you don't have to increase the quantity of your exercise the more fit you become, you just need to exercise efficiently and at your level (easy to follow instructions on how to do that). Second is that you should have a free day each week to eat whatever you want---before FORM I thought that was the most revolutionary dieting idea--- now, I don't really feel like I need a break!

Day 32 - Thursday, August 7, 2008

8:00 am - Drank 24 oz. of water during workout. 45 minute upper body weight training (from the Body For Life book)
10:30 am - Ate Pure Protein meal bar, drank 8 oz. of water
12:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
1:15 pm - Lunch- ate a salad (romaine, feta, tomato, onion, caesar) drank a peach Fresca
4:00 pm- Snack- Adkins Indulgence bar
6:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
6:20 pm - Dinner - ate 1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich and a side of BBQ chicken salad, drank 8 oz. of water
9:30 pm - Took FORM with 16 oz. of water
11:30 pm - Stayed up too late waiting for O3 ordering to go live-- ate small bag of Sun chips.

Daily HIGH-- New exercise program excitement!! I think I might be sore tomorrow--feels good!

Day 29-31 - 3 day Beach Vacation

I am hoping that all the swimming exercise I got during these three days offset some of the less wonderful eating choices I made. Don't get me wrong we ate really good food, but I felt like I went long stretches of time between eating which really reduced the effect of taking just one FORM. In hindsight I think taking 2 pills when I am famished would have been wiser than just making up the difference with food.

Day 29- Monday, August 4, 2008

6:45 am - Ate a Pure Protein meal replacement bar and drank 12 oz. of water
11:00 am - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water-- was really hungry, I should have drank more water before now and maybe had a snack around 9:00
11:30 am - Lunch- ate a turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion sandwich, a small individual bag of Sun Chips, 5 strawberries
3:00 pm - Drank a orange-mango ICE, ate another protein bar
6:00 pm- Dinner ate BBQ chicken, mash potatoes and caesar salad (didn't take a FORM but should have. I didn't take one with me to the shore and couldn't wait another 30 minutes when I got back to the cabin). Ate 5 peanut M&Ms
9:00 pm - Drank 24 oz. of water 1 1/2 handfuls of honey roasted peanuts, 1 handful of parmesan popcorn

Day 30- Tuesday, August 5, 2008

8:30 am -
Ate 2 small cinnamon pancakes, 1 peice of bacon and a fried egg
Drank 24 oz. water bottle between breakfast and lunch
12:00 pm- Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
1:00 pm - Lunch- ate a 6 inch hot roast beef & provolone sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and onions, 10 Lay potato chips and 10 green grapes. (I was too hungry for just one FORM, I should have taken 2 or eaten earlier)
2:00 pm -Drank 1/2 orange-mango ICE
5:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
6:30 pm - Dinner -ate 2 inch square of lasagna, 2 inch piece of garlic bread, garden side salad with Caesar vinaigrette.
8:30 pm - ate a mini Almond Joy candy bar and a Reeses Peanut Butter S more . Drank 24 oz . water bottle.

Day 31- Wednesday, August 6, 2008

8:30 am -
Ate sausage egg breakfast burrito with tomato and salsa
Drank 24 oz. water bottle before lunch
12:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
1:00 pm - Ate 1/3 Keylime Cheesecake shake. BBQ chicken salad
3:00 pm - Drank 1/2 orange-mango ICE
5:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
5:30 pm- Kid portion of Lasagna (I know because I scooped it out for my 5 year old and he traded me due to the color of plate- whatever...) 1 1/2 pieces of garlic cheese bread. Piece of strawberry shortcake and whipped cream.
6:30 pm - Ate 1/3 of my leftover shake. (My husband ate the other 1/3rd- he said he'd take one for the team- thanks man!)
10:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
Drank 16 oz. of water

Vacation HIGH - Spending 3 days with our friends at a beach-- how does it get better than that?

Day 28 - 15 pounds down in 4 weeks!!

It is true-- weighed this morning and came in at 241! That is 15 pounds down in 4 weeks! (Pause for the happy dance...oh yeah, oh yeah). I keep worrying that my electric scale/doorstop is not precisely accurate. I don't mean that I haven't really lost the weight but I can't tell how accurate my reading is because it doesn't show 1/2 pounds and such. I think I am going to see if I can weigh at the fitness center or something from now on because I think 1/2 pounds are going to start to really be important soon!

Day 28 - Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fast Sunday- fasted 2 meals, didn't eat until 5:00 pm
5:00 pm - Ate spaghetti with 4 meatballs, 2.5 inches of a sourdough baguette with garlic butter and drank 16 oz. of lemonade
9:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water

Daily HIGH- 15 pounds, need I say more?

Day 27 - Today, a true and emotional thanks O3!

Tonight I was engulfed in my new book and started to feel my late night hunger cravings-- nothing specific just hungry. But I had the overwhelming feeling that I wanted to actually EAT something! I didn't want to just take a FORM and forget about it, I wanted to have the enjoyment of actually eating. For about 10 minutes I wandered around the kitchen, coming up with all kinds of options-- most of which weren't good and then my husband very nicely said "it's fine, you can eat something but just take a FORM first and come back in 15 minutes". I am embarrassed to say that I begrudgingly took a FORM stubbornly thinking - it's not going to help this time... I am way too hungry. I settled down to read my book again fully planning on getting back up in a "I told you so kind of manner" and eating whatever I wanted anyway. It only took a page or two to realize that I was already starting to feel more in control! I did get a small snack but it was a sensible one and I didn't feel bad about it like I would have if I hadn't listened to my husband.

Today- was a real test to me. I know FORM has been helping me but I have been really positive and excited about it which makes it not hard to use. But today when I kind of hit my first big "I don't want to do this anymore" kind of moment, I KNOW for sure that FORM helped me push through what I would not have been able to do on my own. If I had given in then it could have snowballed from there with guilt and other destructive feelings and who knows where it would have ended. Today, a true and emotional thanks O3!

Day 27 - Saturday, August 2, 2008

9:00 am - Drank a Slimfast shake made with 20 oz. of water (seriously yuck after FIXX)
11:45 am - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
12:45 pm - Lunch - ate a Raspberry Chipotle Chicken salad with flat bread wedges from Quiznos, drank 16 oz. of water
3:00 pm - Snack- ate an Atkins Indulgence protein bar (these are so good!) 8 oz of water
4:00 pm - ate a small slice of smoked Gruyere cheese
5:45 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
6:05 pm - Ate grilled chicken with grilled zucchini and peppers, Asian cabbage salad and 16 oz. of water.
11: 00 pm - Took FORM (grudgingly) with 8 oz. of water
11: 15 pm - Ate a spoonful of garlic hummus with baked pita bites and drank 1/2 a diet 7-up.

Daily HIGH - FORM!

Day 26 - The Truth About Sugar Cravings

I played cards with some friends last night and one of them said "you never talk about craving sugar!" --The truth is, I have craved sweets and have logged when I have indulged (fudge at girls camp, The Cheesecake Factory, etc.) but it really hasn't been the same as I was before.

Before I started using FORM and FIXX to manage my hunger I had incredibly strong sweet cravings. I would crave different textures of goodies and always at the worst times of day. I very rarely went unsatisfied either. I am very much an instant gratification kind of girl and don't like to ignore cravings. When I started this journey, I actually expected it to be as hard as it always is when you go through trying a lifestyle change or diet. I think that is why I always give up. I was so surprised by how easy it has been in comparison to my other "diet" experiences---and I have a few theories as to why:
  1. Hunger obviously had more to do with what I was choosing to eat then I thought. Once I got my hunger managed by using the FORM and FIXX products then I just don't feel the overwhelming urge to eat anything particular. I am able to make smart choices because I am not so urgent about it, you know.
  2. No Caffeine. I have been really good about the caffeine thing. I know that caffeine spikes your sugar levels and when you crash after a spike is when you can get irrational cravings.
  3. I also have NOT told myself I can't have treats. I just need to have them in moderation. I don't beat myself up over wanting something sweet, I just have a little and then remember how much I would have eaten before and I feel proud of myself which helps me resist eating more.
These are just my theories as to why it has happened this way but the bottom line is--- it hasn't been a problem, whatever the reasons--- and that is just unheard of for me! I am just going to keep doing what I am doing because it is working!

Day 26 - Friday, Aug 1, 2008

8:00 am - Breakfast -I am out of FIXX! I had to drink another shake for breakfast and was hungry within an hour!
9:00 am - Ate a cheese stick
11:30 am - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
12:15 pm - Lunch- Ate a taco salad with 16 oz. of water
3:00 pm - Snack - Ate a protein bar for a snack, drank 16 oz. of water.
6:00 pm - Dinner - Ate 1/2 a turkey bacon wrap with 12 oz. of water
8:30 pm - Drank 12 oz. of water
10:30 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
12:00 am - Ate a small piece of cake while standing in line at Walmart to buy a book-- I didn't eat most of the frosting because it was giving me a major sugar rush.

Daily HIGH - Having a reading day- It was great!

Day 24 & 25 - Killing my buzz!

Inevitably, anytime you are ecstatically happy and feeling things couldn't be better, there is that one or two people in your life that just have to kill your buzz! I am writing this not as a complaint or reprimand but as a warning to everyone who is going to start on a journey like mine. DON'T let anyone take you down mentally!

I haven't really gotten too much guff about what I am doing but, I have gotten enough this week to kind of stagger me for a few days. When I let a negative attitude and comment penetrate my mind, it kind of festered and I lost my enthusiasm. I didn't journal for a few days and found it harder to stick to my resolve. I have now kind of shook myself out of it and decided that anyone who is hell bent on killing my buzz--- I can simply take a break from! I have never felt more hopeful about the future then I do now. I haven't felt this healthy in 15 years -- why should I let a buzz-killer sabotage the progress I am making. I am going to surround myself with the positive energy and support of those who want me to succeed and aren't threatened by others successes---and everyone else can just BUZZ OFF!