Week 16 & 17 FORM: Is it so simple, it's confusing?

Literally thousands of people are currently using FORM & FIXX as weight management tools--- but how many of those thousands are using FORM correctly and to it's potential?

I am continually receiving questions about how to use FORM and how to know if it is working. I think we as a dieting society are so used to complex, multi-step dieting programs that we can't wrap our minds around the simplicity of O3World's FORM and FIXX. Truly ---using FORM as a weight management tool is SIMPLE!

FORM has no active ingredients. It is not a trick. It is a real substance whose only purpose is to absorb water, swell in your stomach, temporarily take up space and finally move through your digestive system and be eliminated. That's it.

How does this result in weight loss? By itself, it does not cause weight loss. The actions you take and the choices you make while armed with FORM are what result in weight loss. FORM is SIMPLY a TOOL! A very effective and dependable tool but still just a tool.

One of the ways to use this tool effectively is to help eliminate irrational hunger. This is the hunger that causes you to make poor food choices, choices that result in unhealthy eating habits and weight gain. I take FORM when I start to get hungry so my hunger never escalates to the point where I don't care about my weight loss goals or making healthy choices. I don't let my hunger get to the point that I eat anything that sounds good or is quick just to satisfy the physical need. Within about 10 minutes of taking a FORM I begin to forget I am even hungry and I have to make a conscious decision to eat to fuel my body not to suppress a physical craving or appetite.

A: FORM DOES NOT TAKE AWAY YOUR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE! It simply makes it easier to make the right choice. It is possible to eat normally or even to over eat when using FORM--- While FORM is a miracle pill to many it does not have magical power to render you incapable of continuing to shovel unnecessary food into your mouth!

Since FORM is not a trick and is a real substance in your stomach, you begin eating with more control, you can consciously eat a smaller portion and feel satisfied with a smaller amount of food than you would normally eat. Eating until you are uncomfortably stuffed is not what you should be aiming for and with FORM giving you a head start you will be able to control yourself before it is too late. Just don't forget that YOU MAKE THE CHOICE to use the help given or to waste it!

As it states on each bottle of FORM, "FORM is designed to reduce the hunger associated with weight loss regimens by controlling meal portions by partially filling the stomach before meals, thus reducing the urge to overeat." and in my opinion it does exactly what it claims to do.

If you want to know if FORM is working for you? Ask yourself these questions:

Do I feel less hungry after taking FORM?
Do I feel satisfied and happy not frustrated or hungry after eating?
Am I eating less than I did before taking FORM?
Am I making better food choices when I take FORM then when I don't?

If you answered YES to all of these questions then FORM is working effectively for you!
If you answered NO to any of these questions, first examine how you are taking FORM and make adjustments before giving up entirely. Factors as simple as what kind of water and how much you are using can affect your experience. Refer to TIPS FOR SUCCESS on the FIT&FAB O3 website for trouble shooting.

Don't forget that there are no dud capsules of FORM. It works 100% of the time (meaning it will swell up to 1000 times it's size every single time it is exposed to water). How you use the relief given to you by FORM is what is ultimately responsible for your weight loss success! I am so thankful it is so simple, so dependable, so effective. None of us will have any excuse to choose to be overweight any longer!

WK 16- Beginning Weight: 216
WK 17- Ending Weight: 213