Day 52-53 The Biggest TransFORMation Contest

My O3 World announced they are holding a contest called the Biggest TransFORMation. Anyone of their members can enter. It runs from mid September to the first part of December. They are looking for the most inspiring story not just the person who loses the most weight. I don't know if I am inspiring but I sure feel inspired!

If I am going to win this contest I am going to have to step it up!

Day 52 -Wednesday, August 27, 2008

8:30 am -Drank 16 oz. water bottle
Exercise- Body for Life legs & abs -45 minutes
10:30 am -Had my FIXX for the day with 20 oz. of water
1:00 pm -Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
1;30 pm -Lunch - ate 1/2 of pastrami, cheese, tomato, spinach sandwich on a wheat bun, a side salad w/ ranch, drank 1/2 a can of Fresca.
3:30 pm - Drank 16 oz. water
6:00 pm- Dinner -ate sauerkraut & Dijon mustard grilled cheese on rye (best grilled cheese in the world!), 4 sticks of zucchini 16 oz. of CL lemonade, a banana muffin for dessert.
Drank 16 oz. water through evening
10:30 am -Snack -ate 1 banana muffin

Day 53 -Thursday August 28,2008

8:00 am -Drank 16 oz. water
Exercise- 1 1/2 mile power walk-- I followed the Body for Life 20 minute aerobic exercise model for this and I felt really great when I was finished.
10:30 am -Got my FIXX for the day with 20 oz. of water.
Drank another 16 oz. water bottle before lunch.
1:00 pm -Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
1:45 pm - Lunch -ate a spinach salad with fresh tomatoes, cheddar, parmesan, onion, sunflower seeds, and ranch.
4:00 pm -Snack- Pure Protein bar with 16 oz. of water
6:15 pm -Took FORM with 8 oz. of water.
6:30 pm - Dinner -ate 2 pieces of chicken, bacon, artichoke, spinach, thin crust pizza, drank 1 can of caffeine free Diet Coke.
10:00 pm -Snack -ate a Cinnamon stick with frosting--- I seem to be getting back into this bad habit of eating late at night... it isn't as much as before but it still. If I need a snack I need to eat it before 9pm and I need to start taking FORM at night to try to eliminate this temptation.

Daily HIGH -New motivation for sticking to my life change-- a contest!

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The Wingwah's said...

Wow... 19 pounds?! That's awesome! Good job Annette! i only have like 3 pounds to lose and i'm sooo lazy about that! I'll have to tell my sister about this!