Day 54-55 Let's hear more testimonials!!

Now that so many of my friends, family and frankly strangers that read my blog are starting to use FORM and FIXX, I want to hear some of your testimonials!! I know how wonderful these products have been for me but now I want to hear your amazing stories!

I have another sister (there are 6 of us-- this one is not part of The Fab Four) that has been going to Weight Watchers for 8 months, and has lost 30 pounds (basically a preschooler as she likes to say to give you a visual of how much she has lost). For the past 9 weeks she has been stuck with 11 pounds to lose to hit her weight goal and become a lifetime member. She started taking FORM and replaced her Weight Watcher shakes with FIXX for a week and lost 2 pounds!! 9 weeks she has been stuck and FORM and FIXX kicked her right off that plateau!

She told me she is so excited to use FORM and FIXX to help her stick to the healthy eating habits she has learned through Weight Watchers. She says she won't have any problem maintaining her weight forever with FORM as a back up!

Way to go, Boo!

Day 54 - Friday, August 29, 2008

9:00 am -Got my FIXX for the day, made with 20 oz. of water
Exercise- 8 minute abs and push-ups
12:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
12:30 pm - Lunch -ate BBQ chicken salad with onions and tomatoes, drank 8 oz. of water.
3:30 pm - Snack- Pure Protein bar with 24 oz. water bottle
6:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
6:30 pm - Dinner- oriental cabbage salad with breaded chicken strips sliced on top.
Drank 16 oz. water bottle through evening

Day 55 - Saturday, August 30, 2008

8:00 am - Daily FIXX with 20 oz. of water
Drank 16 oz. water bottle during morning
12:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
12:30 pm- Lunch- ate 1/2 rye, veggie, meat & cheese sandwich with a scoop of left over cabbage salad.
3:30 pm - Snack- 1/2 Turkey wrap and 32 oz. of water.
6:00 pm - Took FORM with 8 oz. of water
6:35 pm - Dinner- ate a small scoop of spaghetti with a spinach side salad with Italian dressing, drank 8 oz. of CL lemonade.
9:00 pm - Weekend date splurge--ate 2/3rds of a hickory BBQ bacon burger, shared a med cheese fry with my husband and ate about 1/4 of a small butterfinger shake.

Daily HIGH- high five to little sis! Way to jump off the plateau!!

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