Angela's Success Story

One of the things that has kept me going through this journey has been the great support of my friends and family who have also been using FORM and FIXX to reshape their lives and health. I have a good friend who has actually hit her weight loss goal already and is in maintenance mode with the products. Here is her picture and story. I hope her story will inspire and help some of you as it has me.
"I come from a thin, fit family, but was always the 'bigger one'. I started gaining weight when I began working full-time at a desk job during college. After the desk job and having 4 children I had 30 extra pounds that I wanted to lose. I lost some of my extra weight after my 2nd child following the Weight Watchers eating plan but after I had my 4th, I just couldn't talk myself into starting that again-- counting calories, figuring points and cutting out butter, sour cream and cheese ....forever!!
When I heard about O3World's FORM & FIXX I was excited to give it a try. These products have helped me reestablish healthy eating habits as well as control my portions and cravings. I've lost the weight easily, steadily and without having to give up all of my favorite things! I have more energy, feel healthier and am more confident in my appearance than I've ever been. I now use the products to manage my weight so I will never have to think about dieting again!"

7 am Wake up and drink 8-10 oz. of water.
8 am BREAKFAST- 2- 3 inch pancakes with butter & syrup, an egg and a small glass of milk.
**I make my FIXX shake at this point with 16 oz. of water in a Blender Bottle and keep it cold and handy in the fridge throughout the day. When I get snacky, I simply go to the fridge and sip on my shake, 1-2 oz. at a time.
12 pm LUNCH- Drink 8 oz. of water first- eat an open face sandwich with meat, cheese, onions, peppers, tomatoes, pickles, mayo, horseradish, mustard... the works! I may eat a single piece of candy or a small cookie for dessert.
3 pm SNACK- I sip on my FIXX shake or eat some popcorn
**I take a FORM capsule with 8 oz. of bottled water 30 minutes before dinner.
6 pm DINNER- an 8 inch chicken fajita with cheese, veggies, sour cream, salsa and water.
7 pm SNACK - 2 small 2 inch cookies with 2 oz. of milk
** I take a FORM or sip on my FIXX shake around 10 pm if I start to feel hungry.

  • FRUIT JUICE- a high calorie, high carb food item I love but can easily give up.
  • 10 pm BOWL OF CEREAL OR ICE CREAM- I now just take a FORM or go to bed!

  • CANDY, CHIPS AND COOKIES- these are my weaknesses! I used to nibble at these things throughout my day. Now I sip on my FIXX shake. It not only FIXXes my sugar cravings, it is nutritionally dense and only 100 calories for a whole shake.
  • CARBOHYDRATES- in general such as I now drink a 2 oz. glass of milk instead of an 8 oz., I leave off a 2nd slice of bread on my sandwich, etc.
  • WATER- first thing in the morning and throughout the day. I keep a cup by the kitchen sink and try to drink a glass every time I'm in the kitchen.
  • FORM & FIXX- of course. They have really helped me reestablish good habits and kept me on track!

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i'm so so happy for you. what a success story! congratulations!